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Helping More Students by Expanding Access to Financial Aid

January 15, 2024
“These new eligibility criteria will make it easier for students to say ‘yes’ to theological education.”

Regent College’s Enrollment and Financial Aid team is delighted to announce that scholarships, bursaries, and other financial aid from Regent College are being opened up to a whole new group of students, beginning with the next academic year. Financial aid applications for 2024/2025 opens at 12 pm (Pacific Time) on Monday, January 15, 2024 (see below for details).

Going forward, students taking at least 6 credit hours (typically 2 courses) per Fall or Winter term will be eligible to receive financial aid. These credits may be taken either onsite or online. Prior to this change, eligibility for financial aid required a minimum of 9 credit hours (typically 3 courses) per term, 6 of which had to be taken onsite.

These changes, approved by the Regent College Senate in December 2023, respond to the changing needs and circumstances of Regent’s students, as well as recent changes to Regent’s online learning policy.

According to Director of Enrollment Services Patricia Seto, lowering barriers to access financial aid will make a big difference in the lives of both current students and future students. First, it provides support to students currently taking online courses. Second, it helps students whose life stage or circumstances make it difficult to take more than two courses at a time, including:

  • Students balancing studies with full-time or nearly full-time employment;
  • Students balancing courses with family responsibilities (e.g., childcare, elder care, etc.);
  • Students with health conditions that limit the number of courses they can take each term; 
  • Commuter students whose travel time limits their course load.

In addition, broader eligibility will give current students who are receiving financial aid greater latitude to adjust their course load over time without losing their aid packages.

“These new financial aid eligibility criteria will make it easier for students to say ‘yes’ to theological education,” said Patricia Seto. “This change will also help Regent steward our financial aid resources more broadly, allowing us to assist more students.”

Director of Advancement Richard Thompson expressed his support for the change. “We’ve been blessed with many wonderful donors who care passionately about supporting Regent students. I know many financial aid donors who will be absolutely thrilled about this opportunity to help more students, especially students who are receiving access to this type of support for the first time. I’m grateful to our hard-working Senate and Financial Aid Committee for their thoughtful and prayerful stewardship of these funds.”

Applying for Financial Aid

Financial aid applications for the 2024/2025 academic year open at 12 pm (Pacific Time) on Monday, January 15, 2024. Watch this video to learn more! Please note that you must be admitted to a diploma or degree program before your financial aid application can be processed.

To learn more about applying for financial aid, click below or contact [email protected]. To learn more about applying for a program, contact [email protected].

Apply for Financial Aid

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