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Updated Statement on Crandall University’s Recent Termination of Dr. John Stackhouse

December 04, 2023

Crandall University recently terminated one of its employees, Dr. John Stackhouse, also a former faculty member at Regent College.

We are lamenting, and deeply grieved, as we listen to the stories told by students and alumni who have been affected by these reported events. We pray for healing and restoration for anyone who might have been impacted and we have allocated additional resources to support our students, staff, and faculty.

We acknowledge the importance of the questions that have been raised about Regent’s history. We want to reiterate our unwavering commitment to the safety and wellbeing of students. We operate within our established safeguarding policies. Complaints and concerns brought forward regarding faculty conduct are taken seriously and addressed carefully.

At Regent, we are determined to learn from the current situation, and to uphold our commitment to a safe, welcoming, and healthy environment—for students, alumni, staff, faculty, and members of the wider community. Thus, we accept the call to conduct a robust critical review of our policies and procedures and to make improvements.

Board, faculty, staff, and current students will continue to work together and we pledge to keep you informed in a timely and transparent manner. For the time being, allow us to share our current policy on the prevention of bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

We thank you for your patience, prayers, and understanding during this difficult time. We ask you to continue to join us in praying especially for students who have been directly impacted.

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