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Regent College Announces Changes to Distance Education

April 25, 2022
"Students can expect a vibrant range of courses that remain faithful to Regent’s ethos and an exciting array of world-class professors from all over."

Here at Regent College, there are some exciting changes afoot in our Distance Education department. We’re delighted to share that, starting in the 2022/2023 academic year, Distance Education will be offered with a fresh focus on three things: brand new course content, improved student-faculty interaction, and electives that intentionally complement what’s available on campus during any given term. 

Going forward, Distance Education will offer a rich range of electives. In Fall 2022, students can choose from three exciting courses: 

In Winter 2023, students can choose from: 

Distance Education students will get regular face-to-face time with all of these professors online. This will create a more cohesive experience between lectures, assignments, and discussion, and will enhance the quality of the digital classroom in turn. 

“We are confident that these changes better serve all Regent’s students,” Academic Dean Paul Spilsbury explains. “These courses are designed with our students in mind, incorporating the key insights we’ve gained about online pedagogy during the past two years. Students can expect a vibrant range of courses that remain faithful to Regent’s theological and interdisciplinary ethos, and an exciting array of world-class professors from all over.” 

Worried about missing the riches of our past Distance Education courses? Don’t worry! They will be available as audio recordings on Regent Audio, so that our community can continue to benefit from our gifted and valued emeriti for years to come. 

An expanded range of Distance Ed offerings will be available in Fall 2023. In the meantime, all of Regent’s courses continue to be available in hybrid form until Apr 2023, so no matter where you are, a degree at Regent College is within reach.

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