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Responding to Racism and Anti-Asian Violence

April 16, 2021
"These expressions of hate are antithetical to the kingdom of God."

Racism is a pernicious and deeply rooted problem that is profoundly contrary to the Christian commitment to the inherent dignity of all people.

With our Asian brothers and sisters, we condemn and grieve the violence in Atlanta last month and long for Christ’s restorative rule. We also recognize and mourn expressions of anti-Asian racism here in Vancouver and throughout North America, including recent incidents in the neighbourhood near our campus. These expressions of hate are antithetical to the kingdom of God and their increasing frequency is a cause for deep concern.

We recognize the very real present and historical trauma experienced by all of our brothers and sisters who have faced the horrors of racism, including many members of our own community. We are currently engaged in an active listening process to identify the experiences and concerns of our community, with particular attention to the needs of our students.

The College’s Moral Vision Statement notes that participation in the kingdom of God demands the cultivation of “choices and actions that are informed by a concern for justice and designed to promote such justice on behalf of those who are deprived of it.” We encourage the Regent College community to join us in listening to the experiences of our brothers and sisters who are Asian, Black, Indigenous, and other people of colour, and in considering how we can more effectively stand with them in the cultivation of a truly just society.

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