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Mark Glanville

Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology
MDiv (Presbyterian Theological Centre, Sydney); PhD (Trinity College, Bristol)

Mark Glanville will be on sabbatical in the Fall 2023 term

Prior to coming to Regent, Mark pastored for 14 years in both Canada and Australia. Mark has been bi-vocational, combining reflective missional pastoring with biblical scholarship.

Mark has authored three books, Adopting the Stranger as Kindred in Deuteronomy (SBL, 2018); Exodus: Society Reshaped as Family (Lexham, forthcoming in 2020); Refuge Reimagined: Biblical Kinship in Global Politics (IVP Academic, forthcoming in 2020; co-written with Luke J. Glanville). Mark has also written numerous refereed articles (including: Journal of Biblical Literature, 2018; Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, 2019; International Journal of Public Theology, 2020; Refuge Journal, 2013), and book chapters. He is currently completing a book that reads Deuteronomy missionally, offering a vision for intentional worshiping communities today.

Mark’s recent scholarship explores dynamics of kinship, focusing on the book of Deuteronomy in particular, on the Old Testament more broadly, and also on the synoptic gospels. In various publications he explores how scripture calls God’s people to enfold vulnerable people as kindred, especially displaced people seeking a place to belong. Mark’s life goal as a biblical scholar is to research, teach, and write in ways that creatively address pressing cultural issues in order to strengthen the mission of the church.

This teaching and research has been sharpened by his experiences pastoring in diverse denominations and local contexts. For the past seven years Mark has been pastoring at Grandview Church in East Vancouver. Grandview is an intentional urban community that creatively engages the needs of its neighborhood.

In combining vocations of scholarship, teaching, and pastoring, Mark has followed an uncommon path, but it is the synergy of these three things—pastoring, researching, and teaching—that has shaped him to write and teach for the church with clarity and creativity. It is this synergy that equips him to train pastors with both theological depth and practical wisdom.

Mark is also a trained jazz pianist who plays on the Vancouver jazz scene. He is an Aussie, and he likes to express his masculinity by snapping a crocodile’s neck with two fingers.

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