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Rod Wilson’s Presidential Term Comes to An End

June 25, 2014
My departure after fifteen years seems right and good. New leadership with a fresh vision can be used by God to minister effectively at Regent

Longtime Regent College President Rod Wilson has announced that he will not be seeking a fourth term. His role as President will thus end in August 2015. 

Dr. Wilson explains the decision process: “When the Board offered me a third five-year term in 2010, my wife and I wondered if ten years was long enough in this role and whether a new President was needed. After significant communal affirmation, we decided that I would stay another five years. So my departure after fifteen years seems right and good. New leadership with a fresh vision can be used by God to minister effectively at Regent.” 

Rod Wilson arrived at Regent College in 2000 with experience as a clinical psychologist, pastor, professor, and academic administrator. Over the past fourteen years, he has served the College in an administrative and teaching capacity and is much loved amongst students for his wisdom, humour, and availability. These qualities, combined with his strong leadership and vision, were instrumental in the 2003-2007 Capital campaign that raised $14.9 million to build Regent’s modern library that houses one of the largest theological collections in western Canada. 

“It has been a great privilege to serve as President of Regent College over the past fourteen years. This is an amazing community and apart from what I may have accomplished, I have received much and been spiritually enriched by watching God's work in the lives of our graduates around the world,” Dr. Wilson states. 

Dr. Dennis Danielson, Chair of Regent’s Board of Governors, summarizes Dr. Wilson’s contributions to the College: “For those of us who have served with Rod Wilson—Regent’s students, supporters, staff, faculty, board members—it has been a huge privilege. Nobody can tell the Regent story or describe its 'DNA' the way he can. His undoubted godliness, pastoral skills, and care for people as well as for the Regent mission, in addition to his immense work ethic and notable courage amid challenges—these are among things for which Rod will be warmly thanked and remembered.”

For the remainder of his term, Dr. Wilson will be travelling to meet with donors and develop the College’s financial resources while Dr. Jeffrey Greenman, the College's Academic Dean and Executive Vice President, will run the day-to-day management of the College. Dr. Wilson and his wife, Bev, want to continue serving in some capacity and are in a discernment process to ascertain God’s direction for the next season.

Regent College’s search process for a new President is already under way.

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