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Sven K. Soderlund

Professor Emeritus, Biblical Studies
BA (Toronto), MA (Central Bible College), MCS (Regent College), PhD (Glasgow)
Sven Soderlund first started teaching at Regent College in 1978 and became Associate Professor of Biblical Studies in 1986. During his time at Regent, he taught courses in both Greek and Hebrew, Old Testament Prophets, Luke-Acts, Pauline Letters, and Hebrews. In addition to serving on the faculty, he was also Dean of Students from 1989 to 2005. Since his retirement in 2006, Dr. Soderlund has continued teaching at Regent, offering courses in Exegesis and Interpretation, Acts, and Pauline Letters. His academic studies have been enriched by several overseas ministry experiences in Europe and Latin America, as well as by visits to biblical sites associated with the travels of Paul in Asia Minor (modern Turkey) and Greece. He has a heart for the integration of biblical scholarship and biblical spirituality in both the church and the academy. His current research interests lie in exploring the church-planting and church-nurturing mission of the apostle Paul, together with implications for ministry and church life in our neo-pagan, post-Christian twenty-first century.

Areas of expertise

Integration of Biblical Scholarship and Spirituality
Exegesis and Interpretation
Pauline Studies
History of Bible Translations
Intertestamental / Second Temple History and Literature

Media & Publications

  • The Way of Wisdom: Essays in Honour of Bruce K. Waltke Book Publication
  • Romans and the People of God: Essays in Honour of Gordon D. Fee on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday Book Publication
  • Key to the Exercises in T.O. Lambdin, Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Book Publication
  • The Greek Text of Jeremiah: A Revised Hypothesis Book Publication

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