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Master of Theology

Prepare for a doctorate and an academic vocation by pursuing focused studies in a particular area of interest. The ThM is also the perfect academic supplement to the MDiv.

The Program Is

  • In-depth: The ThM allows you to immerse yourself in a topic or question that you wish to study in great detail.
  • Offers a thesis track: The thesis track allows you to allocate half of your credits towards the research and writing of a thesis.
  • Offers a major paper track with more electives: This track requires a major paper instead of a thesis and gives you the opportunity to choose half your curriculum from our vast course offerings.

Typical Students

  • people who want to focus their studies in a particular area of theological interest related to their vocation or personal lives
  • pastors intending to upgrade their education or reflect theologically on a ministry-related issue
  • those intending to pursue doctoral studies
  • those preparing for some forms of teaching, administration, or other roles where an advanced degree would be of benefit

Credit Hours

24 minimum

Typical Completion Time

  • minimum 1–2 years full-time
  • up to 5 years part-time

Application Requirements

The ThM is the highest academic degree awarded by Regent College. In order to be admitted to the ThM, you must have:

  • an MDiv degree or a master's degree in theological studies equivalent to Regent's MA in Theological Studies
  • GPA of 3.3 in your previous graduate studies

For required documents and to learn more about the application process, visit our Admission Requirements page.


Concentrations are not part of the ThM program.

Program Costs

The tuition for the 2017–2018 academic year is $485 per credit hour.

The total tuition for the ThM program is $11,640 (24 credit hours at $485 per credit hour). This amount will be higher if you are required to complete more than 24 credit hours.

For a breakdown of associated fees and costs of living, view our sample budget.

To help you offset the high costs of graduate education, we offer scholarships and financial aid, and work opportunities on campus.

Program Requirements

In order to graduate from the program, you must complete 24 credits with a grade point average of 3.3 (B+) or better.

Depending on your objectives, you can choose between two tracks: a thesis track and a non-thesis track with additional electives. The requirements for both tracks are as follows:

Thesis track* Credit Hours
Readings in Modern Protestant Thought Seminar (INDS 726)** 3
Seminar in the same area as your thesis 3
Thesis 12
Electives 6
Total 24

MAJOR PAPER track Credit Hours
Readings in Modern Protestant Thought Seminar (INDS 726)* 3
Seminar in the same area as your major paper 3
Seminar in any discipline
Major paper 3
Electives 12
Total 24

More details are available on our Program Requirements and Policies page.

Additional Requirements

Courses Equivalent to the MDiv:
If you are admitted to the ThM program with a master's degree other than an MDiv, we expect that you will have the equivalent theological background to that of the Regent MDiv program. Thus, in addition to the above requirements, you must either have completed the following courses in a previous program, or you will need to complete them as part of your ThM program.

  • Old Testament Foundations (BIBL 501) and New Testament Foundations (BIBL 502)
  • Biblical Languages: a minimum of 6 credit hours in one biblical language, Hebrew (chosen from LANG 510, LANG 511, LANG 610, LANG 611, LANG 721) or Greek (chosen from LANG 550, LANG 551, LANG 650, LANG 651, LANG 720) but not LANG 500
  • Biblical Exegesis & Interpretation (BIBL 503)
  • History of Christianity Foundations (HIST 501) and History of Christianity: Reformation to Modern (HIST 502)
  • Theology I (THEO 601) and Theology II (THEO 602)

Students also have the option of writing a proficiency exam to fulfill one or both terms of the Introductory Greek or Hebrew classes. The test fee is $100, non-refundable pass or fail. Students must register by August 12 for the Fall 2016 term and December 2 for Winter 2017, and will be scheduled to write the exam in the week before orientation. There is a $25 drop fee after these deadlines. You can download the Language Proficiency Exam Application here. For more information contact James Smoker at

Courses by Subject Area:
You are welcome to pursue any area of study covered by our curriculum, provided we have the faculty resources to supervised you adequately. You are also welcome to discuss potential research topics with members of faculty prior to applying for admission to the ThM program.

Depending on your intended area of study and on your academic record, the College may require additional courses in order to provide you with a better foundation to build on. For example, if you wish to write a thesis or a major paper in the following areas, you will be expected to have taken the courses indicated below or their equivalent.

Missions or World Christianity

  • Introduction to World Christianity (APPL 533)
  • Missional Church (APPL 581)

Old Testament

  • Hebrew (12 credits LANG 510, LANG 511, LANG 610, LANG 611)
  • Biblical Hermeneutics & Criticism (BIBL 600)
  • Advanced Old Testament Exegesis (BIBL 701)

New Testament

  • Greek (12 credits LANG 550, LANG 551, LANG 650, LANG 651)
  • Biblical Hermeneutics & Criticism (BIBL 600)
  • Advanced New Testament Exegesis (BIBL 702)

Biblical Languages

  • Hebrew (12 credits LANG 510, LANG 511, LANG 610, LANG 611)
  • Greek (12 credits LANG 550, LANG 551, LANG 650, LANG 651)
  • Advanced Greek Readings (LANG 720) or Advanced Hebrew Readings (LANG 721)

Spiritual Theology

  • The Christian Spirit (HIST 500/SPIR 500)
  • Classics of Christian Spirituality (SPIR 670)

Doctrinal Theology

  • History of Christian Doctrine (THEO 608)

Christianity and the Arts

  • Christian Imagination (INDS 560)
  • Vocation of the Artist Seminar (INDS 785)

Notes on the Requirements

* A minimum graduate-level grade point average of 3.5 is required to write a thesis.

**A different ThM seminar may be offered from time to time.

The Major Paper will involve a 7,500–10,000 word essay and will be supervised by a full-time member of faculty in the appropriate discipline.

While the College cannot guarantee thesis supervision if you were admitted to the ThM with less than a 3.5 GPA in your previous graduate studies, you may be permitted to write a thesis under the following conditions: (i) you achieve at least a 3.5 GPA in at least 9 credit hours taken at Regent College, and (ii) you secure the agreement of a member of faculty to supervise your thesis.

Distance Education Component

When completing the ThM degree, you can take up to 6 credits of courses through Distance Education.

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Two upper level seminars will equip you in advanced theological research and familiarize you with some of the most crucial issues shaping theology today.

Concentrations are not part of the ThM program.

You must have an MDiv or a master's degree in theological studies equivalent to Regent's MA in Theological Studies with a GPA of 3.3.

You can take up to 6 credits through Distance Education.

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