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BIBL 503

Biblical Exegesis and Interpretation

This course is designed to foster responsible and life-giving interpretation of the Christian Scriptures (Old and New Testaments). The fundamental aim is to equip students to present themselves as approved workers, not needing to be ashamed, but correctly handling the word of truth (to paraphrase 2 Tim 2:15). As an introductory course, it seeks to acquaint students with the basic hermeneutical issues involved in interpreting the Bible and to introduce the basic steps in doing biblical exegesis. Students are encouraged to hone the skills developed in this course by taking Advanced Exegesis course in OT and NT. As a graduate-level course, it is appropriately challenging, combining theory and practice. Interpreting the Bible requires both the rigour of the scientist and the imagination of the artist. Understanding comes through both the application of principles and the sympathetic engagement with the biblical text. The course is designed for students at varying levels of training, and assignments will be set for those with English only and those with some training in Hebrew and/or in Greek. All students will need to become familiar at least with the Hebrew and Greek alphabets.

Credit Hours:
Audit Hours:
There are no prerequisites for this course. It will be helpful, however, if you complete BIBL 501 and BIBL 502 first, and have some knowledge of both Hebrew and Greek.

Additional Info

It is recommended to some knowledge of both Hebrew and Greek. If you have taken Introductory Hebrew or Greek, rather than Perspectives on Biblical Languages (LANG 500), basic study notes are available for gaining some familiarity with the other language (available for download here). You may also audit the relevant half of LANG 500 in the Fall Term at a discounted audit rate of $100, if you plan to take BIBL 503 in the Winter Term.

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