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World Christianity Conference Comes to Regent College

June 05, 2013
"The Lord is a lot bigger than any one of us."

Regent College is pleased to announce the 2013 World Christianity Conference, On the Threshold: World Christianity at Our Door, July 19-20, 2013, hosted by Diane Stinton and Jeffrey Greenman.

The Christian faith has always been geographically widespread and culturally diverse in its expression. However, after centuries of being largely bound up with Western civilization, 20th-century Christianity has experienced unprecedented growth in regions of the Global South and East. Now, as believers from the Majority World seek to understand and live out the universal Christian faith in their respective local contexts, they offer new insights and perspectives to the ongoing development of our Christian tradition. As historian Mark Noll observes, “The Lord is a lot bigger than any one of us and when we see the manifestations of his grace in many different places and many different communities and many different cultures, I think we get a bigger sense of who God is and what God has accomplished in the world.”

In today’s globalized world, the local context for the Majority World may be at our very door—in our pews, our classrooms, our offices. We can encounter other Christians who do not look, talk, think, or experience the gospel as we do in all these places. What has contributed to the truly global reach of Christianity today? What can a believer from a totally different background reveal to us about our own faith? Is the Global South the best hope to re-evangelize the ailing West? If so, how can we embrace the face of World Christianity in the church, marketplace, academy, and our personal lives so that the kingdom will increase?

Join renowned scholars and practitioners as they explore answers to these questions and more. Together, we will consider the implications of this new global Christianity for our own theological and spiritual formation, for our church communities, and for our witness to Christ both locally and globally.

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On the Threshold: World Christianity at Our Door

July 19-20, 2013

Andrew Walls, Mark Noll, Terry LeBlanc, Soong-Chan Rah, and Ruth Padilla DeBorst
Hosted by Diane Stinton and Jeffrey Greenman

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