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What? A pastors’ conference on the Eucharist? Why not?

January 23, 2013

Regent College is pleased to announce the dates and theme for the 2013 Pastors’ Conference. Come hear from world-class professors and experienced practitioners as they address the theme, Restoring the Centre: The Place of the Table in the Church, May 7-10, 2013.

Why this theme, you ask? Given that the early church stayed centred on Christ by making the Table central to its worship, life, and mission? Given that restoring Communion to the centre of the church may be the cure for the rampant consumerism of the contemporary church today? Given that our historical forebears considered it as the greatest expression of the union of God’s people with Christ? And given that the Table, rather than being an obstacle to mission, is the very heart of the gospel and the expression of the church’s hospitality? This conference aims to encourage pastors, irrespective of their views on the meaning of the bread and cup, to consider the centrality of the Eucharist and to explore ways to pursue its practice pervasively in conjunction with the preaching of the Word.

Morning sessions will provide challenging and inspirational teaching from theologians Dr. Hans Boersma and Dr. Alan Torrance. Late morning sessions will offer insights for praxis from gifted pastors and communicators Brian Buhler, Joyce Rees, and Andrea Tisher. After lunch each day, we will engage in dialogue with pastors from a variety of different church traditions to hear how they are "restoring the centre" in their particular contexts. The formal conference day will end with a time for all participants to "confess and profess" our mutual love and commitment to Jesus Christ in worship, after which we will be sent out to enjoy the wonders of Vancouver through a variety of extracurricular activities. Join host Ross Hastings and this exceptional group of speakers, and prepare to be challenged and restored.

Pastors’ Conference 2013


Restoring the Centre: The Place of the Table in the Church


May 7-10, 2013


Hosted by Ross Hastings
Featuring Hans Boersma, Alan Torrance, and other special guests


Opens January 30, 2013
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