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Regent Audio Website Gets a Facelift

July 23, 2013
“The main impetus [for launching a new site] was to make it something that was accessible in a mobile world.”

The Regent Bookstore has launched a new Regent Audio website! It has a brand new look and feel that’s easy to navigate and visually consistent with the Regent College website.

“The main impetus [for launching a new site],” explains Kim Boldt, Bookstore Assistant Manager, “was to make it something that was accessible in a mobile world.” Since 2006, the current site has sold over half a million dollars’ worth of audio merchandise and has served as an adequate download venue for traditional computers. With the introduction of mobile devices, however, everything has changed.

The new website, hosted by Shopify, a Canadian mobile-friendly solution, has a more flexible categorization system than the original site. User benefits include a “shopping basket” that connects to major payment gateways facilitating direct payments through the website, and the site’s smooth adaptability to multiple device screen sizes. In direct response to user feedback, the new audio site boasts a “robust search engine” that enables online visitors to find a larger variety of products regardless of the type of device used to search. Computers are still necessary to download and sync purchased audio files to mobile devices.

Relying on a keen entrepreneurial mindset, Bill Reimer and Kim Boldt have taken risks to make the Regent audio experience accessible on a global scale. “I think we sell to every continent every month,” Kim reflects. “It’s one of the key ways Regent’s ideas, ethos, principles and way of thinking Christianly about the whole world is able to equip people—it’s a function of our discipleship mission.”

President Rod Wilson agrees, “I am excited about the launch of our Bookstore’s new Audio site. We want all that we do at Regent to help ‘cultivate intelligent, vigorous and joyful commitment to Jesus Christ, his church and his world.’  Increased accessibility afforded through this new website will do just that.”

Visit the new audio website for significant deals and daily specials during the launch period. You can also sign up for the Regent Audio newsletter to receive additional offers exclusive to email subscribers. Visit now

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