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Regent faculty and students a key presence at Write! Vancouver conference

April 23, 2012

Iwan Russell-Jones, faculty member and head of the Christianity and the Arts program at Regent College, is the keynote speaker at the upcoming Write! Vancouver conference. The conference, organized by the Word Guild, brings together emerging and professional writers working in song, film, radio, and television. Write! Vancouver takes place on May 26 on the UBC Vancouver campus.

Dr. Russell-Jones’s keynote address is entitled “The Writing on the Wall: The Art of Seeing and Interpreting Human Reality.” He will also teach a workshop on writing for tv and radio.

Two other members of the Regent community will play an instructional role at the conference. Current student Carolyn Arends, who is enrolled in the Master of Christian Studies (MCS) program, and is a well known musician with ten albums and two acclaimed books under her belt, will offer a two-day workshop on songwriting.

Regent alumna Kathy Tyers, who graduated with a Diploma in Christian Studies in 2008 and a Master of Christian Studies in 2009, and is currently writing science fiction and contemporary fantasy, will be offering feedback to emerging writers in the Blue Pencil events.

For more information, visit the conference website.

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Regent College is an evangelical, international graduate school of Christian studies based in Vancouver, and affiliated with the University of British Columbia, Canada’s third largest university. Regent College is a theological graduate school—a place of academic rigour, cultural engagement, and vibrant faith that transforms intellect, imagination, and character. Here, people from around the world are inspired and enriched with a deep and practical Christian faith extending into all spheres of life and enabling them to live more thoughtfully in varied vocations in the church and the world.

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