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Bridge: Art by David Robinson

March 28, 2012
Canadian sculptor David Robinson will have an exhibition of his work at The Lookout Gallery at Regent College from March 28 to April 27, 2012. The opening reception for the show, entitled Bridge, will be on Wednesday, March 28, from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
This exhibition of new and older work proposes a range of possibilities for a piece of monumental sculpture for a potential new development at the south end of the College. The show includes the eleven-foot-tall polymer-gypsum model for the Equestrian Monument, a piece of public sculpture that was located next to the Yaletown/Roundhouse Sky Train station during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Robinson's striking sculptures incorporate a variety of materials ranging from traditional bronze, iron, steel, and silver to polymer-gypsum, cement, and hydrostone. While his work is primarily figurative, he often adds psychological and mythological twists to his subjects through the use of cables and strings, which both connect and dissociate his figures from their environment and further describe the inherent tension that exists between things.

Robinson's work plays with dichotomies such as gravity and flight; religion and secularism; and individuality and mass culture. Yet through his artistry he is able to bridge these massive discordances into single poetic gestures. "It seems to me that my sculptures," says Robinson, "before they are anything else, are manifestations of fitful waking dreams; narratives whole and smashed, images, ideas, all distilled through the passage of time and the particular resistance of matter." Robinson has a deep reverence for imagery and symbolism, and this, combined with his remarkable skill, allows the viewer to participate in the allegorical through contemporary form. The visual art critic Michael Scott claims that "Robinson's work underscores the possibility that the sacred is with us still, even in the midst of our secular, consumerist society."

Robinson's work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Canada and the United States, in venues including the Winsor Gallery in Vancouver and the Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art in Calgary. His first solo show was here at The Lookout Gallery in 1991 and Bridge will be his fourth show at Regent College. The College has acquired a number of his works, including Font and Speak, which are on permanent display throughout the building.

Robinson's work can be found in many high profile collections across the country including the Toronto Dominion Bank, the City of Richmond, and Catalyst Capital. He has recently been commissioned to design a public artwork for a new sculpture garden in Lintong, China. the maquette for this piece is part of the Bridge exhibition.

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