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Chuck Colson, advocate for prisoners, dies at age 80

April 21, 2012

Charles W. “Chuck” Colson, an evangelical leader and advocate for prisoners, died at age 80 on Saturday, April 21, at 3:12 pm.

Chuck was the founder of the Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. During his own incarceration following the Watergate scandal, Chuck experienced a profound conversion. After leaving prison, he dedicated the rest of his life to ministering to prisoners, while remaining active in American politics, and speaking and writing widely on issues related to faith in the public sphere.

Regent College President Rod Wilson reflects on Chuck's passing: "While the interaction between Nicodemus and Jesus brought focus to the phrase 'born again,' it was the publication of Chuck Colson's book utilizing the same wording in 1976 that brought this concept into the mainstream. Since his conversion Colson has demonstrated the power of reorienting your life through Jesus. From a person of questionable character in the Watergate debacle he became an outstanding spokesperson for the Christian faith, blending theological depth, political insight, and penetrating cultural analysis. His passing is an invitation to another generation to continue his legacy."

Chuck chaired the funding committee for the J.I. Packer Chair of Theology at Regent College, which is currently held by Dr. Hans Boersma. The Regent community unites with Chuck's family during this time of grieving. 

UPDATE: has made available for free "Truth in a Hostile World," a talk given by Chuck Colson in 1997 on behalf of the endowment campaign for the J. I. Packer Chair of Theology at Regent College.

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