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Marketplace Institute Establishes Relationship with Hong Kong University

December 07, 2012
The partnership creates a unique forum for people from all walks of life to explore critical questions on how faith bears on the most important questions of a globalized world.

In December 2012, the Regent College Marketplace Institute entered into a relationship with Hong Kong University's Faith and Global Engagement initiative.

The partnership currently involves six joint events between the two institutions. The first took place on November 23-24, 2012 in Hong Kong. Regent College faculty and staff members Paul Williams, Dr. John G. Stackhouse Jr., Mark Mayhew, and Dr. Rod Wilson travelled to HKU to deliver a series of workshops and lectures entitled Going Public: Christian Engagement in the Secular World. The event consisted of three different discussions, each addressing the issues of integrating Christian faith with the public sphere. 

"We're excited about partnering with the Faith and Global Engagement Initiative. The partnership creates a unique forum for people from all walks of life to explore critical questions on how faith bears on the most important questions of a globalized world. These conversations are increasingly rare, yet never more needed."—Mark Mayhew, Director, Marketplace Institute


The Marketplace Institute (MI) is a theological research and design institute associated with Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. Our vision is for the gospel to be recognized as public truth again. We want to see Christians owning the gospel in all aspects of their lives, and demonstrating its positive impact at all levels of society—individuals, communities, sectors, and the entire marketplace of ideas. Through our research and our grounding in the calibre of theological education found at Regent College, our mission is to provide and embody fresh, reliable, and well-informed expressions of the gospel that reveal its truth, necessity, and relevance to all spheres of public life.


The Faith and Global Engagement Initiative at Hong Kong University is a self-funded multi-disciplinary initiative for research and teaching, providing a platform for experts to discuss the role of faith in the public, professional and cultural life of the region and beyond. It focuses on the contribution of the Christian scholarly tradition, in conversation with other world-views, to the understanding and shaping of contemporary society. This June marked the inaugural event for the initiative with an address by Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister and now Founding Patron of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation (TBFF).

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