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Ingo Proft

Diploma, Catholic Theology and PhD, Moral Theology and Ethics (Catholic University of Vallendar); State Doctorate (Catholic Faculty Trier)
Dr. Ingo Proft is Associate Professor of Theological Ethics, Society, and Welfare at Vallander University, Germany. He began as an assistant in 2005 at the Cardinal Walter Kasper Institute and the Institute of Ethic at the Catholic University of Vallendar. He supported the founding and building up of two institutes during his doctorate, focusing on the combination of dogmatic theology, moral theology, and ethics to give theology a practical relevance for life. 

The dogmatic theology aspect of his work includes the editing of the Collected Works of Cardinal Walter Kasper, as well as several “Festschriften." Dr. Proft has also worked with the Cardinal Kasper Institute, accompanying more than 100 publications and scientific studies of students and international scholars. 

Dr. Proft's 2010 dissertation concerned changes in the German Health Care System, and his subsequent work has continued to focus on ethics. He has taught at high schools and universities in Vallendar, Mainz and Trier as a lecturer of Catholic Theology and Ethics. He is a member of several national research programs in ethics and health care. 

In 2016, Dr. Proft was appointed as director of the Institute for Applied Ethics (Vallendar). In 2018, he received the “Lorenz-Werthmann-Price” for his state doctorate about “Epieikeia.”

Areas of expertise

  • Theological ethics
  • Healthcare
  • Social welfare
  • Cultural and value changes in societies

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