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Visiting Scholars and In Residence

Antonio Carlos Cintra

MTh (Methodist University of São Paulo); PhD in Law (University of Lisbon)

Dr. Antonio Cintra is a Public Defender, a Law Professor at Mackenzie University and Superior School of Judges, and a Theological Professor at the Vocatio Institute in Brasília, Brazil. As a public defender, he represents the public institution for which he works in collective actions, as well as representing economically vulnerable citizens in singular actions against companies. As a law professor, he teaches consumer and civil law. He is a member and professor of Vocatio Institute, an organization whose goal is to build connections between faith and the marketplace. 

Born in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, Antonio graduated in law from São Paulo State University and the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. He then completed a Master’s Degree in Theology in which he pursued an interdisciplinary exploration of law, theology and philosophy. His dissertation was entitled “The Manifestation of Justice Values in Human Conscience.” In 2001 he was selected by a public contest to the Brazilian Institution of Public Defenders, and was subsequently appointed to the Consumer’s Procuracy. In 2008, he was granted a license to study in Portugal, and in 2013 he finished his PhD in Law, completing a thesis entitled “Imputation of Medical Malpractice: Risk Wearing and Proof by Inference.”

During his time as a visiting scholar at Regent in Fall 2018, Antonio will be researching a project on naturalism, determinist psychology, and free will.

Antonio is married to Regina, also a Public Defender in Brasília. They have a son, Samuel. In his spare time, Antonio enjoys sports, especially playing tennis and watching Dallas Cowboys matches. 

Areas of expertise

  • Law
  • Apologetics
  • Deontology
  • Bioethics
  • History
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

Media & Publications

  • Theory of Knowledge of Miguel Reale Article
  • Partner Affectivity X Consanguinity Article
  • The crisis of terror under the jusnaturalist view of Miguel Reale Article
  • Declaratory action in Chiovenda Article
  • Legitimacy of the Public Defender's Office to propose Collective Public Civil Action Article
  • Homogeneous individual interests: nature and opportunity of collectivization of individual interests Article
  • Consumers Code and the lack of punitive damages Article
  • Responsibility of the managers in the face of the bad fortune of the business and the business judgment rule Article
  • Imputation of Liability in Joint Medical Actions Article
  • Consumer Rights Roadmap Book
  • Preparation for DPU Book
  • Series of Public Defender's Office Book
  • Civil Law Book
  • Consumer's Law - First and Second Edition Book

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