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International Students

Step 2: Apply Early to Regent College

Applying to Regent College and to the Government of Canada are lengthy processes, so start early!

1/ Plan accordingly

Allow at least 8 to 12 months from the time you begin the admissions application process to the time you hope to begin your studies at Regent College. For example, if you plan to begin your studies in September, we recommend you start the application process at least one year prior. Submit your admissions application with all the application documents by January 1. We will continue to accept applications after this date, but any delay could affect your eligibility to be considered for financial aid, your study permit application, or your start date.

Application Deadlines

For studies beginning in September (Fall term): 

  • January 1: application deadline for international applicants

For studies beginning in January (Winter term):

  • July 2: application deadline for all applicants 

2/ Schedule your IELTS or TOEFL exam (if applicable)

If English is not your birth/native language, you need to demonstrate English proficiency at a graduate level. This applies even if you are a citizen of or live in an English-speaking country and even if you have attended an English-speaking university or college. Proficiency is usually demonstrated through a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score. Our TOEFL requirement is strict because our standards for English comprehension and writing are rigorous. If English is your birth/native language, you do not need to submit a TOEFL score.

You can begin the online application process before you write your TOEFL exam. We do not grant conditional admission to students who do not meet the English language requirement, even if they are taking courses to upgrade their English language proficiency.

Scheduling and writing a TOEFL exam takes time. Some countries have long waiting lists and offer the exam only a few times per year. And it could take six weeks for us to receive the results. Plan accordingly; register for the exam as soon as possible. Scores are valid for two years.

Learn more about English language requirements at Regent

Get more details about the TOEFL exam

3/ Fill out the online application for admission to Regent College

Submit your application with your personal statement and pay the non-refundable application fee online with a credit card (we accept Visa and MasterCard). 

Apply to Regent College now

See "Learn More" section below for other ways to pay the application fee.

4/ Gather and send us all the documents we need to process your application

Find out what admissions documents you need

See "Learn More" section below for further notes on transcripts.

We will begin to process your application once we receive it along with the fee. We will need all your supporting documents (transcripts, references, TOEFL score, etc) in order to review your application. Admissions decisions may take up to four weeks. When we approve your application, we will send you a letter of admission, visa letters, and a confirmation form. After you receive your letter of admission, you must apply for a study permit from the Government of Canada. We recommend that you begin the study permit application process (Step 4) as soon as you receive your admissions package. You should not register for any on-campus courses until your study permit has been approved.

Go to Step 3: Apply for financial aid

Learn more about payment options and transcripts

When your credit card does not allow an international transaction

Ask someone you trust and whose credit card can make international transactions to consider making the online payment with their credit card on your behalf. You may safely copy the URL of the payment screen and email it to them. The payment will be properly associated with your account. You may also pay in the following ways:

1. In person (by a third party): cheque, debit, or cash, in Canadian dollars and drawn on a Canadian bank.

2. By mail:

  • Bank draft or bankers cheque – in Canadian dollars and drawn on a Canadian bank. Available for purchase from local banks.
  • By cheque from a Canadian or US bank account. It must be legal tender outside the US.
  • By Canadian or US bank or postal money order. Available for purchase from a Canadian or US bank or post office.

We do not encourage payment via wire transfer or direct money transfer due to high fees. If none of the payment methods are available to you, contact your Admissions Counsellor.

What transcripts you need to submit as part of your admission application

We require a transcript from every post-secondary institution you have attended, regardless of whether or not you earned a degree there. It is not enough to send us only the transcript for your most recent degree. A transcript is not your degree certificate but your academic record listing the courses taken, grades received, and the name and date of the degree awarded (if any). It is your responsibility to contact the university or college and request that they send the transcript directly to us and pay any associated fees. If the university or college will not issue a transcript, we require that the refusal be confirmed in writing by the institution.

How to submit your transcripts

All transcripts must arrive at Regent College in envelopes that have been sealed and endorsed by the issuing institution. Your transcripts may arrive before you submit your online application. We retain them for up to two years. All submitted transcripts are the property of Regent College and will not be returned.

We can receive official transcripts electronically sent to us through a secured web transcript service or as a password-protected PDF. Electronic transcripts can be sent to us at [email protected].

When your transcript is not issued in English

Transcripts in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation from the university’s translation service. If that is not possible, you must:

  • make a photocopy of your copy of your transcripts or ask the university to provide you with a second copy of your transcripts. Do not open a sealed, endorsed envelope containing transcripts intended for Regent College.
  • take the copy to an official English translator and ask them to provide a complete, word-by-word, literal English translation;
  • tell the translator to put both the original language photocopy and the English translation into a sealed envelope;
  • mail us the sealed envelopes from the translator.

Academic records must be translated in their entirety, including any information that appears on the reverse side of the document. You are responsible for all translation and postage costs.

If your university issues only one original transcript or degree certificate

Make photocopies of your original academic records and send them to the university. Ask the university to:

  1. verify that the photocopies are consistent with its records,
  2. attest that the copies are true photocopies and stamp them with an official university stamp,
  3. put the attested, stamped photocopies in sealed envelopes endorsed by the Registrar, and
  4. mail the sealed, endorsed envelopes to Regent College.

If that is not possible, ask the school to write us to confirm that:

  1. it no longer retains your records or that it does not issue transcripts, and
  2. you have studied in the institution with details of the degree you earned (name of degree and date awarded), if any.

Fill out the form below and one of our Admissions Counsellors will be happy to contact you.

If you have any additional questions please ask them here.

For more information on how we collect, use, and disclose your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy. EU residents please also see our GDPR Compliance Statement