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International Students

Before you begin

Applying to study in Canada at Regent College is a lengthy process. It may take months to gather every component you need for your admissions application and it can take a few weeks, and even a few months, to apply for a study permit.

There is also a sequence to the steps involved. We do not review admissions applications until we receive all your application documents (transcripts, references, TOEFL score, etc) and your application fee. We can only consider your financial aid application if we have received all the application documents by the Financial Aid deadline. You cannot apply for a permit to study in Canada until you have been accepted to study at Regent College.

So while we’d love to have you study with us, we want to make sure it’s feasible for you to do so. Here are a few things to consider.

Are you eligible to apply for graduate studies at Regent College?

  • Do you have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college that involved three or four years of study?
  • Do you have a strong academic record with a GPA of at least 2.8?
  • Are you proficient in written and spoken English if English is not your birth or native language? Are you willing to demonstrate your English proficiency by taking the TOEFL exam? Each exam costs about USD $200.

Are you aware of some of the costs associated with the application?

To apply:

  • Application fee: CAD $60 non-refundable
  • Translation fee for transcripts if they are not in English: depends on your home country
  • TOEFL (if required): USD $200

To obtain a study permit:

  • Passport: cost depends on your home country
  • Study permit application: CAD $125
  • Proof of financial support: Canadian immigration requires evidence that you can support yourself and the family members who accompany you while you are in Canada (e.g. bank statements, etc.). You need to set aside tuition plus a minimum of CAD $10,000–13,000 (CAD $14,000 for a couple and CAD $3,000 for each child) for one year’s living expenses. If you cannot provide adequate proof that you have the necessary finances, your application for a study permit will be refused. You can find the full details here.
  • Medical exam performed by a doctor specified by the Canadian government may be required depending on your home country and cost will vary

Other Options

Want to study here but don’t have a university degree?

Apply as a mature student. The category is for anyone aged 28 years or older who does not have a bachelor’s degree.

Learn more about applying as a mature student

Go to Step 2: Apply early to Regent College

Want to study with us but don’t want to enroll in a degree program?

You may take up to 12 credits without being formally admitted into a degree program. The credits can be applied to a degree program at a later date. However, you will still need to apply for a visitor’s visa if you want to do courses on campus.

Learn more about lifelong learning opportunities at Regent College

View our selection of courses

Learn more about registering for a course

Go to Step 5: Apply for a visa

Thinking of studying just for a few months?

You do not need a study permit if you plan to study at Regent College for less than six months and if you’re not taking courses towards a degree at Regent. If you are formally admitted to a program, you will need a valid study permit to take courses on campus (even if it is for less than six months). And, depending on your home country, you may need a visa.

View our selection of courses

Learn more about registering for a course

To check if you need a visa, go to Step 5: Apply for a visa

Want to audit a Regent course?

If you have a bachelor’s degree or are 23 years old or older, you may audit courses at Regent College. This means you don’t have to do the homework, don’t get credit for the course, and pay less. However, you will still need a visitor’s visa.

View our selection of courses

Learn more about registering for a course

Go to Step 5: Apply for a visa

Want to take our courses from home?

Distance Education allows you to take courses at your own pace and in your own environment while you continue other aspects of your calling. We don’t offer any program that can be completed by distance, but if you’re admitted to a program, you can complete up to one third of your program by taking Distance Education courses.

Visit our Distance Education section

Keen to enroll in a graduate program at Regent College?

Go to Step 1: Choose a program of study

Fill out the form below and one of our Admissions Counsellors will be happy to contact you.

If you have any additional questions please ask them here.

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