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Next Event: May 07—May 09, 2019
Location: Regent College, 5800 University Blvd., Vancouver, BC
Our world urgently needs to hear a living word from the living God. Explore what it means for the church to speak in the "prophetic voice"—to proclaim those much-needed words in our particular time.

Phil Long and Diane Stinton will lead us into the Biblical foundations of a prophetic view of the world. Putting theory into practice, you'll hear six local pastors preach their answer to this question: "If you could deliver one sermon to the powers-that-be, what would you say?" Steering the ship will be our host, Darrell Johnson.

Please note: Our dates have changed! The 2019 Pastors & Leaders Conference will run from Tuesday to Thursday (not Wednesday to Friday as in past years).

Host of Regent Pastors and Leaders Conference 2019, Darrell Johnson, shares his vision for the Conference. "If you had the opportunity to speak to the powers that be one word from Scripture, what would it be?"

Keynote Speaker of Regent Pastors and Leaders Conference 2019, Phil Long, shares his excitement for this year's conference.

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