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Dive into Scripture with those who share your life in the pews. Engage tough questions and carry them home to your small group. Deepen your knowledge of church history, and let that shape your Sunday worship.

The Church Group Benefit is a unique opportunity for church groups to take a class together at Regent. Whether you’re new to theology or a seasoned exegete, come learn and grow alongside friends and world-class instructors.

Take a look at the courses highlighted below, or browse all upcoming courses on our timetable page

Download the Church Group Benefit Form


  1. Organize a group of 3–10 people from your congregation.
  2. Have each member of your group create a student account on REGIS. (Here's how!)
  3. Fill out our Church Group Benefit Form, which must be signed and submitted by an official church representative.
  4. Register for one of our upcoming courses.
  5. Pay together and each student gets 25% off his or her credit or audit tuition.

See the Church Group Benefit Form for more details. Contact [email protected] for registration questions and [email protected] for general inquiries.

Upcoming Courses


Five Traditions and Practices of Prayer
Bruce Hindmarsh
Jan 8–12, 1:15–4:15 pm
Onsite or Online

Explore five prayer traditions: the short, frequent prayers of the Desert Fathers; the liturgical collect in the Book of Common Prayer; the Lord’s Prayer as taught by Martin Luther and C. S. Lewis; and the Jesuit and Puritan examen of conscience and use of imagination in disciplined meditation. Learn to live the rich history of prayer.


Healthcare and the Christian Life
Quentin Genuis
Jan 8–12, 1:30–4:30 pm

(New course!) Bring theological and medical ethics into conversation to address issues such as the definition of human life, the experience of pain, and what it means to die well. Enriching for medical practitioners and empowering for lay Christians, this course will provide students with tools to think about and engage with critical health issues.


Paul Spilsbury
Jan 8–12, 8:30–11:30 am
Onsite or Online

Reclaim the powerful message of the Book of Revelation by considering it as a work of early Christian literature influenced by Old Testament prophetic witness, first-century events, and early Christians’ experience of Jesus. This course combines scholarly engagement and reflection on Revelation’s enduring significance for society.


The History of Heresy
Michael Bird
Jan 8–12, 9 am–12 pm
Onsite or Online

(New course!) Discuss the concept and origins of heresy, look at major heretical groups in the earliest churches of the first four centuries, and then apply these historical concepts to discussion of orthodoxy and heresy today.

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