Course Timetable

This summer, explore the intersection of faith and everyday life. Expand your spiritual understanding with over 40 thought-provoking courses. Whether you're looking to better understand Scripture or engage critically with the ideas, texts, and beliefs you encounter every day–there is something for everyone. Dive into our diverse lineup of Summer Program courses, and start your journey of discovery today.

Spring Session (May 13–June 7)

Summer Session (June 24–August 2)

Jun 24-28 8:30AM–11:30AM The Gospel, Discipleship & Cultural Engagement APPL 512 Walter Kim
Jun 24-28 1:30PM–4:30PM Listening to the Land of the Bible BIBL 517 Cyndi Parker
Jun 24-28 1:30PM–4:30PM Spiritual & Emotional Formation for Christian Leadership APPL 534
SPIR 534
David C. Wang
Jun 24-28 8:30AM–11:30AM Soul Recreation: Delighting In & Enjoying God SPIR 526 Tom Schwanda
Jul 1-5 1:30PM–4:30PM Christianity & World Cultures: A History of Contextualization WRLD 564
HIST 564
Prabo Mihindukulasuriya
Jul 1-5 8:30AM–11:30AM Learning to Think Ethically with the Christian Tradition APPL 561
THEO 561
Mark W. Elliott
Jul 1-5 1:30PM–4:30PM Augustine & the Problem of Pelagius THEO 554 Han-luen Kantzer Komline
Jul 1-5 8:30AM–11:30AM Reading the Gospel of John through Palestinian Christian Eyes WRLD 555
BIBL 555
Yohanna Katanacho
Jul 8-12 8:30AM–11:30AM Becoming a Missional Immigrant Congregation WRLD 583
APPL 583
Minho Song
Jul 8-12 8:30AM–11:30AM Race, Racism & Christian Identity WRLD 528
THEO 528
Lisa Sung
Jul 8-12 8:30AM–11:30AM Human Being & Human Acting After Technology INDS 522
APPL 522
Andy Crouch
Jul 8-12 8:30AM–4:30PM Race, Racism & Christian Identity Seminar WRLD 728
THEO 728
Lisa Sung
Jul 15-19 8:30AM–11:30AM Being Human in God's World: How the Old Testament Helps Us Understand Our Humanity in a Complex & Broken World APPL 548
BIBL 548
Isabelle Hamley
Jul 15-19 8:30AM–11:30AM 1 Peter BIBL 541 Dennis R. Edwards
Jul 15-26 8:30AM–11:30AM Anglican History & Theology HIST 650
THEO 650
Jim Salladin
Jul 15-19 1:30PM–4:30PM Shaping Your Future Leadership MARK 535 Peter Shaw
Jul 18-28 See details for times Technology, Wilderness, and Creation INDS 525 Craig Gay
Julie Lane Gay
Jul 22-26 8:30AM–11:30AM Becoming Faithful Readers of the Old Testament BIBL 566 John H. Walton
Jul 22-26 8:30AM–11:30AM Reading the Times: Christian Responses to the News of the Day APPL 532
Jeffrey Bilbro
Jul 29-Aug 2 1:30PM–4:30PM Christology Ancient and Modern THEO 559 Lucy Peppiatt
Jul 29-Aug 2 8:30AM–11:30AM Christology & Discipleship in Mark's Gospel BIBL 573 Elizabeth E. Shively
Jul 29-Aug 2 8:30AM–11:30AM The Holy Spirit & the Arts SPIR 564
ARTS 564
Jeremy Begbie
Jul 29-Aug 2 1:30PM–4:30PM Reading as a Spiritual Practice ARTS 541
SPIR 541
Jessica Hooten Wilson

En Route Travel Courses

Jun 14-29 See details for times Follow the Lamb: Revelation & the World of Acts BIBL 547 Paul Spilsbury
Jul 18-28 See details for times Technology, Wilderness, and Creation INDS 525 Craig Gay
Julie Lane Gay


May 13-Aug 9 10:00AM–12:00PM Perspectives on Biblical Languages LANG 500 Mary Beth Lascurain
Jun 10-Jul 5 8:30AM–1:00PM Introduction to New Testament Greek I LANG 550 Davinson Bohorquez
Jun 10-28 8:30AM–1:00PM Introduction to Old Testament Hebrew II LANG 511 Drew Lewis
Jul 8-26 8:30AM–1:00PM Introduction to New Testament Greek II LANG 551 Davinson Bohorquez