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Admission and Registration

Tuition Payments

How do I pay my tuition?

Find payment details in the Tuition and Fees section.

Grad School Application

I’m interested in applying for a graduate program at Regent College. Who can I talk with about Admissions?

Our Admissions and Finance page is a great place to begin.

Add or Drop Courses

How do I drop, add, or change a Summer course?

You can drop, add, or change a Summer course on REGIS. See student contract for drop deadlines and refund policies.

Credit Transfer

How Do I Transfer Credits?

Details about transferring credits can be found in the Credit Transfers and Exemptions section.

My Coursework

Assignment Submission

How do I access my course syllabus and submit my assignments?

All course communication is done through Moodle.

For help with REGIS & Moodle, please speak with your TA. If you are having login issues with your account, you may email helpdesk@regent-college.edu.

Course Preparation

How should I prepare for my course?

Check the course syllabus on Moodle for any pre-assigned readings or assignments. Your course TA will reach out to you before the course start date with additional information about the course. 

Contact your course TA with any questions.

Course Extensions

How do I apply for a course extension?

You can apply for a Summer course extension by using the Summer course extensions application form. For further information on Summer course extensions, see our Course Policies.

Course Syllabus

How do I access my course syllabus?

All course syllabi can be accessed on Moodle.

For help with REGIS & Moodle, please speak with your TA. If you are having login issues with your account, you may email helpdesk@regent-college.edu.

My Time at Regent

Hours of Operation

What are the Summer Building & Office Hours?

Office Hours: Mon., 8 am – 4:30 pm; Tues.–Fri., 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Building Hours: 

Spring Hours: May 14—June 8

Monday  7am to 8pm
Tuesday   7am to 8pm
Wednesday   7am to 10pm
Thursday  7am to 8pm
Friday  7am to 6pm
Saturday  11am to 5pm
Sunday   Closed

Inter-term Hours: June 9—June 24

Monday—Friday 7am to 6pm
Saturday  11am to 4pm
Sunday     Closed

Summer Hours: June 25—August 3

Monday  7am to 10pm
Tuesday   7am to 8pm
Wednesday   7am to 10pm
Thursday  7am to 8pm
Friday  7am to 6pm
Saturday  11am to 5pm
Sunday     Closed

Student Amenities

What Amenities are available to me as a student?

  1. Bookstore
  2. Library
    Once you have registered and paid your course fees, you are eligible for a free Allison Library card, which will be in effect over the summer. Please bring your course confirmation to the circulation desk to verify registration and payment when applying for a library card.
  3. Computers, photocopiers, and printers are available in the library.
  4. Lockers may be purchased at reception for $5/week or $25/term
  5. Student Kitchen
    • Please clean up after yourself by washing, drying, and putting away any dishes.
    • Please label your food with name and date. Unlabeled food will be discarded.
  6. Reception can assist you with the following services:
    • Course registration
    • Course changes
    • Tuition payments
    • Class drop-in payments
    • Locker purchases
    • Admission inquiries
    • Please note that Reception is not able to print, photocopy, fax, or store personal items, for students.

For all other inquiries pertaining to Summer Programs please see the Information Desk or the monitor in the atrium.

WiFi Password

What is the wifi password?

The “Regent Student” wifi is the most reliable network. Login using your REGIS username and password. If you don’t remember your login information, you may email helpdesk@regent-college.edu or call them at 604-221-3372.

“UBC Visitor” is also available, but is much slower than “Regent Student.” Login using your email address.

For issues with wifi, contact the helpdesk, speak with the info desk, reception, or your course TA.


Where do I park and how much does it cost?

The Regent College parking lot is managed by a third party. We have negotiated a 50% reduced rate for summer students of $10.00/day. To receive the reduced rate, use the payment kiosk located in the Regent College parking lot. To obtain your summer parking code, click here.

  1. At the payment kiosk, select “More Options.”
  2. Select “Summer Student.”
  3. Pay according to the machine instructions.

If you have any trouble paying for your parking, please contact the phone number located on the parking kiosk.

There are several other parking garages and metered spots around the UBC campus. Please visit the section on Getting Here and Parking section for a full list of parking options.

U-Pass Eligibility

U-Pass Eligibility

NOTE: Finding your way through the complexities of the U-Pass program can seem daunting. With this in mind, we've created a U-Pass Eligibility Flow Chart PDF document to help guide you.

The U-Pass program at UBC provides Regent College students with affordable and unlimited access to Vancouver's bus, SeaBus, and SkyTrain systems in all zones. For full details on the U-Pass program and eligibility, click here.

Health and Dental Coverage

Health and Dental Coverage

The AMS (the UBC student association to which Regent students belong) has an extended health plan. This plan is mandatory for all students who take 3 or more credit hours, and is automatically included in your student fees. If you are only registered for summer courses and were not registered for classes in Fall 2017 or Winter 2018, you will not be eligible for AMS coverage. 

Please view our Extended Health and Dental Coverage Flow Chart to see if you are eligible for AMS coverge.

NOTE: If you are taking summer classes at Regent, are coming from outside Canada, and do not qualify for AMS coverage, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel health insurance before you leave your home country.  Any accident or major illness could leave the average student with virtually unpayable debts.



While Regent College does not have its own residence halls, Summer students are eligible to reserve guest accommodations on the UBC Campus nearby through the following sites: Stay at UBC, Carey Centre, St. Andrew's Hall, TRIUMF House, or St. John's College. The Menno Simons Centre and Jericho Beach Hostel are nearby off-campus options. You can also visit Regent's Housing Database for possible short-term stay opportunities (please note access to this site requires a Regent Login).

Study Permits

Study Permits

You do not need a study permit if: 

1. you are studying for less than six months; and
2. you are not enrolled in a program. 

For more information, visit our Study and Work Permits page as well as Canada Immigration and Citizenship's Study Permits section.