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Summer TERM 2024

Please read carefully to avoid delays in the application process.


Spring Session (May 13-June 7): Friday, May 10 (by 4:30 pm)
Summer Session (June 24-August 2): Friday, June 21 (by 4:30 pm)

If you register after these deadlines, payment is due in full immediately upon registration. The last day to register and pay for a course is the first day of that course. If registration and payment is not completed by 4:30 pm on the first day of a course, you will not be permitted to stay in that course.


Registration and full payment of tuition and fees for each course are due by the Registration and Payment Deadlines stated above. If course registration and full payment are not received by the Registration and Payment Deadline for the term, a $45 administrative fee will be charged.

  • Students are encouraged to pay online through their REGIS account. For Canadian banking, online payment can be made through Interac Online (depending on your banking institution) or Interac e-Transfer. For international banking, online payments can be made through PayMyTuition or Convera. Please note that, while credit cards can be used to pay the registration deposit, credit cards cannot be used to pay for the remaining balance.
  • If you are unable to pay online via REGIS you may mail in a cheque or money order.


Course changes must be submitted officially online through REGIS. The following deadlines will apply to all regular courses. See the Summer Programs website or course syllabi to find special refund schedules for En Route and Biblical Languages courses.

  1. The deadline to receive a 100% refund for dropping a course, reducing the number of credits in a course, or changing from credit to audit is the Friday before a course (online via REGIS by midnight).
  2. The deadline to receive a 75% refund for dropping a course, reducing the number of credits in a course, or changing from credit to audit is the second day of a course (online via REGIS by midnight).
  3. There is no refund of any tuition or fees after the 75% refund deadline, but a course may be dropped and credits may be reduced or changed to audit up until the last day of class (online via REGIS by midnight).
  4. Credit may be increased and audit may be changed to credit up until the last day of class (syllabus permitting; online via REGIS by midnight).


  • Academic Policies: Students taking courses for academic credit should expect to invest on average 45 hours of work per credit hour. For most courses, major assignments are due 45 days after the last class. Extensions must be requested through the Registration Office and will be granted only in cases of demonstrated and unforeseen emergency. If granted, will be subject to a $25 fee and may be subject to a grade penalty. Please consult the Regent College Academic Catalogue available online, for admissions policies, program requirements, program duration, appeals, rules of conduct and dismissal, and other academic policies and fees.
  • Bullying, Harassment, & Discrimination Policy: Regent College strives to be an institution free of bullying, harassment and discrimination. By signing the registration form, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the Regent College Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Policy found online, which may be amended from time to time.


Full payment for tuition & fees are due on the applicable Registration and Payment Deadline(s) noted above. See below for a list of regular academic fees for Summer Term 2024.  


If you are a student who paid student fees in either Fall Term 2023 or Winter Term 2024, or if you are a new student admitted for Fall Term 2024 by June 30, 2024, you will be charged the U-Pass Fee for each month in which you are registered for 3 or more credit hours (registration is defined as beginning on the first day of class and ending on the assignment due date; see course syllabi for assignment due dates).

• If you register for 3 or more audit hours (or combination of audit/credit hours) in a given month, then the U-Pass is optional; you can opt in at reception.

• After registering, if you drop below 3 credit hours in a given month (or audit hours, if opted in), refunds for the monthly U-Pass fee will only be granted if the U-Pass has not been requested OR your course was dropped prior to the first day of the month in which it is valid. Refunds after April 15 must be requested (please email [email protected]).


If you are a new student admitted for Fall Term 2024 by June 30, 2024 and you register for 3 or more credit hours in Spring or Summer Sessions, you will be required to pay a UBC AMS Membership fee of $114.09.  If you drop below 3 credit hours after April 15, refund of AMS membership can be requested by emailing [email protected].


Payment of the $80.00 non-refundable registration deposit is required in order to register for courses. You cannot register until you pay the deposit. The $35.00 registration fee makes up a part of this deposit; the remaining $45.00 is placed in your student account to pay for tuition and fees. This amount remains in your student account and is non-refundable. After one year, if the funds are not used they are forfeit and go to Regent College. Should course(s) be dropped, the entire deposit ($80) will be the minimum retained by Regent College. In order to register for courses after the Registration and Payment Deadline, a $45 Administrative Fee will also be required, raising the amount of the non-refundable registration deposit to $125.


Credit Tuition (onsite / online) $520 / $540         per hour 
Audit Tuition (onsite / online) $385 / $405        per hour 
Student Fees (if applicable; see section above)

   UBC AMS Membership Fee $114.09
   U-Pass Fee $46.00  per month 
Service Administrative Fees (if applicable)
   Registration Fee $35 non-refundable
   Administrative Fee
   (applied to payment and/or registration made
   after the registration and payment deadline for each term)
   Late Payment Fee
   (applied to payment received after the second day of class)
$50 + interest per month
at a rate of 8.5% per annum
   Dishonoured Cheque Fee $20  

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