Our Summer Programs are divided into two sessions: Spring (May 15–June 9) and Summer (June 26–August 4). Each session has unique deadlines. No matter when your course occurs, register early and pay on time to get the best deal on tuition.

Registration is now open.

How to Register

I'm New to Regent

  1. Head to REGIS
  2. Click Request Regent Login
  3. Fill out your request form
  4. Once you have your REGIS ID, follow the steps under I Have a Regent Login

I Have a Regent Login

  1. Head to REGIS
  2. Click the Registration tab in the top menu
  3. Click Register or Add
  4. Follow the steps to register or add courses

Early Registration & Payment Deadline

  • Spring: May 12 at 4:30 pm
  • Summer: June 23 at 4:30 pm

Tuition & Payment

Every student pays the following fees
Registration Fee* $35 Due when you register on REGIS
Tuition Deposit* $45 Due when you register on REGIS
Credit Tuition** 1 credit hour $520
2 credit hours $1040
3 credit hours $1560
Due at Early Registration and Payment Deadline
Audit Tuition** 1 credit hour $385
2 credit hours $770
3 credit hours $1150
Due at Early Registration and Payment Deadline
**For those taking courses online there will be an additional online access fee of $20 per credit or audit hour.

How to Pay

While your registration fee ($35) and tuition deposit ($45) can be paid by credit card, we are unable to accept credit card payments for remaining tuition. To pay full tuition online, visit and click the FINANCE tab in the top menu.

Pay Online

Interac Online
Interac e-Transfer


Pay In Person

Bank Draft
Cash or Debit


Bank Draft
Traveller's Cheque

Tuition Deals

Bring-a-Friend Benefit

Are you a returning student? Sign up for class with 1–2 friends who have never studied at Regent, and you will each receive 1/3 off your tuition for the course.

To receive this benefit, you and your friend(s) must first register for the course on REGIS. Then fill out our Bring-A-Friend Benefit Application Form and return it to [email protected] to complete your registration.

Church Group Benefit

The Church Group Benefit is a unique opportunity for church groups of 3–10 people to study together. Gather a small group from your church to study at Regent at the same time, and each member of your church group will receive 25% off course tuition.

More details, registration forms, and fine print are available at

Senior and Alumni Discount

Graduates of Regent College and students over the age of 65 can enjoy a 50% off their audit tuition. Discount is applied to audit tuition rate at time of online registration. Log into your REGIS account to receive this benefit and learn more. Note: Registration and other fees not included.

What I love about Regent is that it’s a place for people who have questions about their ordinary lives. Not just academic theological questions, but questions about what it means to live the good life or be faithful. Not just a space for heady conversations but a place to wrestle with faith and a place where they can belong.” — Vivian Lee (MATS student)