About Summer Programs

Invite God to deepen your faith, broaden your mind, and transform your heart.

Regent College has never been much into taking summers off.

If you’ve been to Regent before, you know that summer is the College’s most dynamic season. This is when Regent’s faculty team up with other top-notch scholars from around the world to throw all their expertise into 1–2 week blocks of engaged learning. It’s also when our student community grows even richer as all kinds of people who can’t commit to a regular semester join us to seek, learn, and fellowship.

We encourage you to flip through this year’s offerings and see which of them seems to extend you an invitation. Maybe you’ll find the history section inviting you to encounter the spirited story of the birth of evangelicalism. Maybe you’ve been hearing second-hand about the wise teaching of Jim Houston, or Susan Phillips, and will feel that now is the time to engage. Maybe you’ll be invited to work through a long-standing theological question, or to set aside some time to acquire Christ-centred leadership skills.

Or maybe your best learning will happen outside the classroom at one of our great non-credit events. You could take part in unearthing the treasures of Regent’s Rare Book Collection or encounter the explosive works of French lay-theologian Jacques Ellul at one of our five summer conferences. If the daylight hours are tight, schedule a couple nights off to enjoy our rich array of evening public lectures.

God extends a constant invitation for us to learn more about him and his world in all that we do. We hope Regent Summer Programs will provide you with an opportunity to live into this invitation.