About Summer Programs


After two years of online learning, we’re delighted to return to campus for Summer Programs 2022. Once again, students can learn and grown in person—with continued online access for those who need it.

Over and over, we hear that there is no place like Regent's Summer Programs. This is a place where students can wrestle with contemporary issues, be energized by Scripture, and renew their minds. A place for all who thirst for something more. It's for anyone longing to learn from church tradition and contextualize it in culture. For people seeking shalom.

Each summer, a vibrant community of lifelong learners join from all over the world. Whether studying for personal growth or professional development, chipping away at a certificate in Christianity and Mental Health or working toward a graduate program, there's something here for every learner.

Come study with world-class faculty. Learn to integrate biblical knowledge and spiritual insight with your everyday experience. Join our unique community of summer learners and discover theology for all of life.

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