About Summer Programs

Invite God to deepen your faith, broaden your mind, and transform your heart.

Regent College has never been much into taking summers off.

If you’ve been to Regent before, you know that summer is the College’s most dynamic season. This is when Regent’s faculty team up with other top-notch scholars from around the world to throw all their expertise into 1–2 week blocks of engaged learning. It’s also when our student community grows even richer as all kinds of people who can’t commit to a regular semester join us to seek, learn, and fellowship.

2019 is the 50th Anniversary of Summer Programs! We are honouring the occasion with an all-star lineup of professors. We'll have plenty of new faces including Mabiala Kenzo, Christine Pohl, and Wesley Hill, as well as old friends NT Wright, Susan Phillips, and Tremper Longman.

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