About Summer Programs

Welcome to a place where students can wrestle with contemporary issues, be energized by Scripture, and renew their minds. A place for all who thirst for something more. It's for anyone longing to learn from church tradition and contextualize it in culture. Whether you're studying for personal enrichment or for professional development, chipping away at a certificate in Christianity and Mental Health or working toward your graduate program, find your place within this unique community of lifelong learners as you discover theology for all of life.

"Summer is Regent’s most dynamic season. This is a season in which students can wrestle with contemporary issues, be energized by Scripture, and renew their minds, surrounded by Vancouver’s combination of natural beauty and urban vibrancy. Summer is when Regent’s faculty are joined by other brilliant scholars from around the world to throw all their expertise into one- to two-week blocks of engaged learning.

"We invite you to see yourself engaged in these courses, which cover a range of topics from the Bible to art; from biblical languages to Christian spirituality; from culture and perspectives to marketplace and society; from ministry and worship to theology. Our courses can help you work through a long-standing theological question, or to set aside some time to acquire Christ-centred ministry skills.

"Studying at Regent will test and stretch you. After all, at the heart of Regent’s mission is the challenge to think seriously about the Christian faith and discern ways to apply it to every aspect of life. This is part of a larger integration of our whole lives—mind, heart, and will. As our Global Mission Statement puts it, the goal is to develop an 'intelligent, vigorous, and joyful commitment to Jesus Christ, His church, and His World.'

"This summer, come to Regent College and study with us, pray with us, and worship with us. Join us for what I trust will be a transformative experience that will serve to the glory of God in your life."

Paul Spilsbury
Academic Dean & Professor of New Testament

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