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Seeking Landlords for Student Renters

January 14, 2024
Regent’s new and improved housing database will help match local landlords with excellent tenants.

Regent students need affordable housing in the Vancouver area. The problem isn’t new, but it has continued to grow more acute in recent years.

To help address this need, Regent is launching a new and improved housing database where local landlords can advertise accommodations exclusively to the Regent community.

Regent students have a track record of being excellent tenants: mature, responsible, and caring. One longtime landlord said, “I have rented a suite in my home to Regent students for 43 years! Without fail they have been courteous, quiet, responsible, and paid the rent on time.”

Dean of Students Diane Stinton emphasized the missional impact that landlords can have.

“Housing scarcity can be a serious problem. Your willingness to share your space with Regent students will not only improve their living situation, it will improve their ability to concentrate on God’s call on their lives. You’ll also be supporting Regent in our mission to serve the church locally and across the world.”

To advertise a rental space through Regent’s housing database, please visit


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