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Regent College Introduces a Legacy Program

July 26, 2010

Regent College has launched a new legacy program under the leadership of Rose-Marie Goodwin, Director of Will and Estate Gifts, which will provide a better opportunity for individuals to include Regent in their will and estate plans.

Rose-Marie, a visual artist born and raised in Sweden, brings to Regent significant experience in this area, and is currently developing various resources to assist friends of Regent with the important task of will and estate planning. When asked why she feels will and estate gifts are important, Rose-Marie states: "I believe strongly that, as Christians, our giving is to come not just from day to day gifts, but also from accumulated assets." She also notes that, regardless of whether or not charitable gifts are made, the writing of a will can be a great gift to loved ones, who will be saved the stress of complicated paper work and legal issues during a difficult time.

As Rose-Marie continues to develop this new program at Regent College, various documents will be made available for download on the Regent College website. These resources will be helpful for your planning, and will include: sample will clauses; an outline of the duties of an executor; and a will and estate planning workbook.

If you would like to speak with Rose-Marie about these, or other giving options, she would be happy to speak with you over the phone, or to arrange to meet with you in person. All discussions are confidential and without obligation.

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