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Scholar-in-Residence and Professional-in-Residence Program

Each year, we provide the opportunity for visiting scholars and professionals to come to Regent College for a time of research and participation in the Regent community. Regent serves as the home-base for these individuals as they pursue a particular project or time of sabbatical. These guests have included applicants at the post-doctoral level, established academics, and those in professional and ministerial capacities such as pastors, chaplains, missionaries, business leaders, and artists.

Scholars or professionals-in-residence are not employees of Regent, but welcomed guests of the college’s community for a term or two. They are normally hosted only in the fall and winter terms.

For more information on the program please contact the Dean's Office at [email protected].


A scholar or professional-in-residence is expected to be firmly committed to the Christian faith and will be asked to sign Regent College’s theological and moral vision statement, and the bullying, harassment, and discrimination prevention policy.

There are distinct qualifications for scholarly and professional applicants:

  • Scholar-in-Residence – This is for both junior-level academics who have recently graduated from their doctoral program and academics who are firmly established in their field. Junior-level scholars-in-residence normally come to Regent to continue post-doctoral research in their field, often with external funding. Established scholars are normally on a sabbatical from their home institution, and are seeking to use Regent as home-base from which to work on a project. Successful applicants should 1) have recognized research experience in a scholarly field; 2) outline a proposed project they will be working on during their time at Regent; 3) demonstrate an interest in integrating the Christian faith within their field of study. 

  • Professional-in-Residence – This is for a person established in a secular or church-related profession. They normally come to Regent to share their experience in integrating their faith with their vocation in ministry, the marketplace, or the arts. Previous professionals-in-residence include pastors, missionaries, business leaders, scientists, writers, and artists.  Successful applicants should 1) demonstrate an interest in integrating the Christian faith with their vocation; 2) outline how their vocational experience, integrated with their Christian faith, will benefit the Regent community during their time here.

Term of Stay

Scholars and professionals-in-residence normally apply for either the Fall or Winter term.

In exceptional cases, applicants with Canadian citizenship or permanent residence may apply for an entire academic year (September to April), if their proposal warrants a longer stay. International applicants may apply for a maximum of six months within the regular academic year, if their proposal warrants a stay beyond one term. The six-month limit is determined by the Canadian Visa applicable to this program.

To ensure adequate processing time, accepted international applicants should contact the nearest Canadian embassy as soon as possible after their acceptance regarding visa requirements to enter Canada. The applicant is wholly responsible for ensuring they have permission to come to Canada as a scholar- or professional-in-residence.

Acceptance of scholars- and professionals-in-residence during the spring and summer term is rare, and must be clearly justified in the applicant’s proposal.


It is expected that scholars and professionals-in-residence will, at some point, share their knowledge and expertise with Regent students, faculty, and the community as a whole. Examples of what some visitors have done during their time at Regent include pastors who make themselves available to students for spiritual counsel, missionaries sharing their experiences during chapel or student forums, artists who provide a performance or exhibition of artistic work, and academics who present a scholarly paper in a public lecture or faculty forum.

It is expected that research accomplished during the time spent at the College and destined for publication will include an acknowledgement of the contribution made to the research by the Scholar-in-Residence program and the facilities provided by Regent College.

Scholars and professionals-in-residence are also expected to provide a brief written assessment of their time at the College to the Academic Dean, following their period of residence.

In certain cases, a scholar-in-residence may be invited to teach a class. However, this should not be regarded as an expectation of the role.


Successful applicants will be provided with a study space at Regent College, and will have access to the Regent College and UBC Libraries.

Successful applicants will also be able to audit regular courses with the approval of the Academic Dean, with the exception of limited enrolment courses. Administrative fees may apply. If scholars or professionals-in-residence come with a spouse, the spouse is allowed to audit one course per term, subject to the stated exception.

Scholars and professionals-in-residence are invited to the all-college September weekend retreat. An extra charge will apply to spouse and children of the visitor who also attend the retreat.

Housing, Travel Costs, and Stipends

Regent College does not provide housing or cover travel expenses for scholars or professionals-in-residence. Applicants must find their own accommodation and be able to cover all of their expenses during their time at Regent.

There is no stipend provided for a scholar or professional-in-residence.


There are two deadlines for application: August 31 and January 31. Regent College encourages applications one year in advance of the applicant’s intended stay. Applications will be considered in groups, and visitor spots may fill up after the first deadline. At the time of consideration, all applications will be reviewed, and a decision made as to which applicants will be accepted. We endeavour to achieve a balance of different types of visitors in each academic year, and may be limited by the capacity of the College to host visitors from term to term.

Applicants must submit:

  • A completed application form. Request a blank form from the Dean's Office at [email protected].
  • A cover letter that
    • Explains how the they heard of Regent College and any relationship with the faculty
    • Outlines the reasons for their interest in Regent and how the experience of being a scholar or professional-in-residence may benefit them
    • Provides a brief description of their research project (if a scholar-in-residence) or how their expertise will tangibly benefit Regent (if a professional-in-residence)
    • States they have read the theological and moral position and can sign it without reservation
  • A CV
  • Two reference letters supporting their application
Submit your application to [email protected].

Fill out the form below and one of our Admissions Counsellors will be happy to contact you.

If you have any additional questions please ask them here.

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