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Date: May 26–May 27, 2017
Location: Regent College, 5800 University Blvd., Vancouver, BC
Join James and Chris Houston—father and son, scholar and management consultant—as they explore how the roots of our uniquely Christian identity and the social demands of business can equip us to participate with Christ in his reshaping of business "for goodness' sake."

Christ calls Christians to be salt and light—to engage fully without being transformed by the world about us, including the world of our work. Sometimes, though, we can find our Christian identity constrained rather than liberated by the expectations that seem to govern our business and other enterprises.

Participants will leave equipped with a better understanding of questions like—

  • What is the deeper purpose of my business "for the other"?
  • How can my personal transformation bring about business transformation?
  • What are Christ-honouring ways to approach profit maximization, product branding, and the demand for social impact?

For information on registration, schedule, and speakers please use the links to the right. 

Note that there is a 1 credit option for participants in the conference, involving additional reading and a short essay assignment. (In order to register for credit, please use the link to the right, instead of registering in the usual way through Regis.)

You can preview some of the material that will be covered in the conference by reading Chris Houston's free e-book, "For Goodness' Sake: Satisfy the Hunger for Meaningful Business." Watch Chris's book preview below.

Read a short interview with James and Chris Houston. In it, they discuss what most excites them about the event, and where the idea for the workshop came from in the first place. 

We hope to see you there! 

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