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This library is a gateway to learning for the people of God. 

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The John Richard Allison Library connects students and community members to great thinkers and writers who have gone before us. It inspires alumni and pastors to stay curious and keep learning as they explore what it means to follow Christ today. It equips scholars to wrestle with the questions and ideas that will shape the next generation of Christians.  

To continue serving students and alumni, the local community, and the global Church, Regent’s library needs to stay relevant. That means buying new books, keeping up journal subscriptions, and investing in digital resources that connect our community to a whole world of scholarship. To do all of that, we need your help. 

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The Allison Library houses one of the largest and most significant theological collections in Western Canada: over 175,000 items. That's a lot to explore, so we asked a few Regent faculty members to tell us about their favourites.

Bruce Hindmarsh


Although I value so many of our library books, for so many reasons, I have a particular fondness for one particular book in our special collections, a rare volume in very fine condition. It is John Wesley’s 1735 edition of Thomas à Kempis’s Imitation of Christ (or, The Christian’s Pattern, as it was called).

As a book, it is beautiful: a calf-bound octavo volume with gilding and some red-lettering, along with six handsome engraved plates. More importantly, for me, the book represents the bringing together of the spirituality of the ancient church with the rise of evangelicalism, nicely symbolizing so much of what is best about Regent College itself.

Bruce Hindmarsh, James Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology


Mariam J. Kovalishyn


I (Still) Believe: Leading Bible Scholars Share Their Stories of Faith and Scholarship, edited by John Byron and Joel N. Lohr (Zondervan, 2015)

Here's a book I love to suggest—particularly to students in classes such as Exegesis who are wondering what this way of reading the Bible might do to their faith. Here you can hear how senior scholars such as Richard Bauckham, Gordon Fee, and Morna Hooker, approached faith and scholarship in many different ways, retaining their faith through many years of study.

Mariam J. Kovalishyn, Assistant Professor in New Testament Studies


Phil Long


Christopher J. H. Wright, Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament (Marshall Pickering, 1992)

This is one of my favourite books, and I’m glad our library has it. The title of the book tells a lot about its content. Chris Wright, in explaining the purpose of the book before it was published, said that he sees himself as standing at the mouth of the mine, taking the ore dug out by scholars in the mine and packaging it for people who don’t have the opportunity or inclination to get down into the mine itself. Wright is not only a wonderful scholar himself but also an adept mediator of good learning to normal readers. Reading this book will give you a sense of the sweep of biblical theology in the OT, and you will come away feeling that you do indeed know Jesus better.

This is just one of my favourites among our library’s books, but I was only asked for one!

Phil Long, Professor of Old Testament


Amanda Russell-Jones


Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide, edited by Marion Ann Taylor and Agnes Choi (Baker Academic, 2012)

This book is an invaluable resource that has recovered and analyzed the biblical interpretation of a whole host of women down the ages. Dipping into it, I always find a new friend or a woman I would really like to meet.

Amanda Russell-Jones, Visiting Faculty


Iwan Russell-Jones


Jacques Ellul, The Presence of the Kingdom, translated by Olive Wyon (Helmers & Howard, 1989; first published in French in 1948)

For me, this book is one of the Christian classics of recent times. All of the major themes that are developed and explored at length in Ellul's later writings—the burgeoning power of technology, propaganda and communications, politics and the state—are addressed here in utterly fresh and relevant fashion. Almost seventy years on, it remains a prophetic work, challenging Christians to live freely, faithfully, and hopefully in the modern world.

Iwan Russell-Jones, Eugene and Jan Peterson Associate Professor of Theology and the Arts


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