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Annual Fund 2017-18

Regent's mission is critical. We can't fulfill it without your help.

This mission isn't easy, but it is important and worthwhile. Now more than ever, the church needs theology for life. The world needs thoughtful, faithful Christians who engage with culture, seek complex truths over easy answers, and fully commit to participating in God's creative and redemptive work. 


"I came to Regent because I was trying to answer a question: what does my faith have to do with my work? For a long time I was looking for connections who could help me with this, but I couldn't find any. Now I have become the person I wanted to find a few years ago. God has a very good sense of humour!"

GUSTAVO SANTOSCurrent Student (MA, Marketplace Theology)
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"Theology that really seeks to engage with life is critical. It's got to be lived—it's got to be theology for life. Regent is a place that values that. It's about empowering people, sending them out in the power of the gospel to live and work to God's praise and glory. As long as there's a church, there's always going to be a need for a place like Regent."

IWAN RUSSELL-JONES, Eugene and Jan Peterson Associate
   Professor of Theology and the Arts 
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