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Annual Fund

Donors make Regent's mission possible.

Over 10,000 people turn to Regent for top-quality theological education and resources every year. That’s over 10,000 people encouraged to think deeply and participate joyfully in God's work—and donors fund over 30% of their experience.

That's right: over 30% of Regent's revenue comes from donations. Without that 30%—without gifts from people like you!—doors don't get unlocked. Lights don't come on. Students don’t gather, professors don’t teach, and our learning community grinds to a halt. 


"I'm so blessed to be able to study at Regent. There's no other school like it. Regent doesn’t just turn out theologians, professors, and pastors—it forms better followers of Christ. I really believe that people are going to leave here and evangelize with their lives in places where no pastor will ever step foot. God is sending people not only to all nations, but to all corners of all nations."

Suejin Yim (MA '17, Applied Theology)

Donors to our annual fund keep this place going. They make it possible for students like Suejin to be here. They maintain the building where our community comes together, pay the faculty who share their wisdom, and fund the projects that make our best teaching accessible around the world. 

Regent is doing work that is critically important to the kingdom of God. Donors like you make it possible.


Giving monthly is an easy way to make a big difference all year long. Will you support Regent's mission month by month? 

To commit to a recurring gift, just select "monthly donation" when you enter your information.



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