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On-Campus and Online Learning in Regent's Fall 2022 Term

Will Regent be on campus in the fall?

Yes! We are delighted to continue offering on campus courses for the Fall 2022 Term. As British Columbia's COVID-19 guidelines have relaxed, we are continuing to rebuild the in-person teaching and learning experience that is so much a part of Regent’s transformative mission, ethos, and identity.

What are the current health and safety protocols?

Our current campus guidelines are available here. Ongoing updates will be provided on our COVID-19 Updates page.

To ensure the safety of our community, Regent will continue to follow guidelines issued by the Provincial Health Officer, and we encourage members of our community to be vaccinated.

Will I have to come to campus to take Regent courses?

All students who live within commuting distance of the College and would normally attend classes in person should plan to do so . We expect the large majority of students to attend courses on campus from Fall 2022 onward. 

However, we recognize that some students are still grappling with the effects of the pandemic, so we have committed to provide remote access (via streaming or Zoom) to all courses until April 2023. 

What courses will be offered on campus?

Most courses will be offered on campus in the Fall 2022 Term. A small number of courses will be offered online only. If a course is online only, this will be noted in the course title on our Timetables page.

Which courses will be accessible online?

We intend to provide online access for most courses this fall. Most courses will be offered on campus and accessible via Zoom. A small number of courses will be available online only. Weekend courses, unless otherwise noted, will be in person only.

How can I apply to take a course online?

When you register for a course via REGIS, the registration process will include the question, “Do you require online access for this course?” If you answer “Yes,” you will then be asked to provide the reason why you are not able to attend that class on campus. 

What if I want to access the course online but cannot attend the live Zoom sessions? 

In general, students are expected to be present for each class session. Absences from class continue to require the prior consent of the instructor. 

Students who will be unable to attend class at the scheduled time for the entire term, such as those who live in another time zone may, for most courses (see the course page or the course syllabus), request permission to attend asynchronously (i.e., via access to course recordings). You will have an opportunity to indicate your need for asynchronous access during the course registration process. 

Students granted asynchronous access may be subject to extra requirements, such as additional class sessions at an alternate time. These requirements will vary from course to course. Please see course syllabi for details. 

How long will class recordings be available?

Class recordings will be available on the course Moodle page for 48 hours following each class session. Recordings will not be available after that time. On-campus students will not have access to course recordings.

Will recordings be available for all classes?

No. Class attendance (in person or online) is an essential requirement for 700-level courses. Recordings of these courses will not be available. Some classes may also have tutorials that are live attendance only.

When will I know if my application to take a course online has been approved? 

If you register by the Early Registration Deadline (July 29), we will let you know whether your application to take a course online (live or asynchronously) has been approved by August 5. If you register after the Early Registration Deadline, you can expect a response within two weeks of submitting your course registration. 

If I am studying on campus, can I access class online if I am temporarily unable to attend (e.g., due to illness)?

You can contact your professor to request permission to attend online. Access will be granted on a case-by-case basis. 

Will Regent still be offering its regular distance education courses? 

Yes. Regent’s regular Distance Education courses are still available. To learn more, visit our Distance Education page

Further questions may be directed to [email protected].

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