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APPL 500

Soul of Ministry: Becoming Persons-in-Relation

This course is designed to help students explore some of the critical theological and personal dynamics of being and becoming persons who are image-bearers, persons-in-relation with the triune God, their fellow human, and creation, persons joyfully participating in God’s mission to the world of people and creation. The overarching goal is to help students in the life-long process of developing intimacy with God and people, of discovering personal identity, giftedness, and a sense of vocation to the church and the world, thus providing a framework for ongoing soul formation throughout their future lives, and also a capacity to communicate confidently in Christian and non-Christian contexts, discern wise action in public, and imagine theological embodiments of the gospel in all realms of life. Students will explore issues concerning their character and sense of identity as that is discovered within their own personal journey with the triune God and other human beings, and their significant others.  Personal vocational calling will be explored within the broader context of the calling to be Christian and human. There will be an intentional cultivation of spiritual practices to encounter and be formed by God through ecclesial life, Scripture, prayer, Sabbath, work, spiritual discernment with an openness to the work of the Holy Spirit.  Our aims will be achieved through a combination of lectures and small group work.

This course is a prerequisite for entrance into the candidacy stage of the MDiv program and APPL 693 Supervised Ministry. 

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There are no prerequisites for this course.

Additional Info

Fall 2023: This course is available onsite and online. Students must register for the online section to gain Zoom access to the course.

Course lectures will be recorded, and students may be captured in course recordings. Access to lecture recordings is normally only given to online students who cannot reasonably be expected to attend the course live due to time zone differences. These students should contact the course instructor for permission to access recordings.

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