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Regent College Academic Symposium

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Our annual academic symposium is an excellent opportunity to discuss fresh insights, make new connections, and discover the latest ideas. 

Eight students will present papers. Each presentation will be 20 minutes long, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A, so bring your questions! We will take a one-hour lunch break.

Cost and registration

$5 online or $10 at the door. Register online below. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Email any questions to

Speaker line-up

Becky Pruitt, "As Full as Language is of Words: Nature Typology in the Works of Jonathan Edwards"

Paul Gutacker, "'This Same Jesus': Theological Implications of the Ascended Body of Christ"

Ryan Kelley, "Were the Early Church Fathers Sexist? Investigating the Gender Rhetoric of Gregory of Nyssa"

Jessica Binger, "Should Christians Bear Guilt for Others? Bonhoeffer and the Ethics of Vicarious Sacrifice"


Carl Friesen, "Individuality, Entitlement, and Fragmentation: The Inadequacy of Human Rights as a Starting Point for Justice"

Roger Revell, "Christian or Pagan? A Conversation With Gregory of Nyssa on Relic Veneration in the Early Church"

Alex Grudem, "Christ in the Shipwreck: Gerard Manley Hopkins and Incarnational Poetry"

Anna Scott, "The Gospel out of the Barrel of a Gun? The Opium Wars and the Christian Missionary Enterprise in China"

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