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Date: June 28–June 30, 2018
Location: Regent College, 5800 University Blvd. Vancouver, BC, V6T 2E4 Canada


Thursday, June 28


11:00–2:00         Registration & Check-in

Plenary Session (Chair: Jeff Greenman)

2:00–2:40         #1: David Gill, “Scripture & Word of God in Ellul’s Writings”

2:40–3:20         #2: Christian Roy, “Nature & Scripture in Bernard Charbonneau”

3:20–3:40         Break

Plenary Session (Chair: Lisa Richmond)

3:40–4:20         #3:Frédéric Rognon, “Ellul, Hermeneutics, & the Analogy of Faith”

4:20–5:00         #4: Albert Moritz, “Ellul’s Apocalypse in Poetry and Biblical Exegesis”

5:00–6:00         Break

Banquet & Plenary Session (Chair: David Gill)

6:00–8:00        #5: Walter Brueggemann, “The Conflict between Techne and Metis

8:00 pm    Evening Camaraderie (music, conversation, poetry….)

Friday, June 29

Plenary Session (Chair: )

9:00–9:40        #6: Andrew Goddard on I & II Samuel

9:40–10:20       #7: Daniel Cerezuelle on Sarx

10:20–10:40   Break

Parallel Session (Chair: )

10:40–11:20     #8: Lisa Richmond on Gen 1 & 2: Work

11:20–12:00     #9: Michael Morelli on Gen 3: Fall

Parallel Session (Chair: )

10:40–11:20     #10:  Craig Gay on Presence in Tech Society

11:20–12:00     #11:  Greg Wagenfuhr on Freedom

12:00–1:00      Lunch 

Parallel Session (Chair: )

1:00–1:40         #12: Ginny Landgraf on the Decalogue

1:40–2:20         #13: Luis Borges on Gen 11: Babel 

Parallel Session (Chair: )

1:00–1:40         #14: Read Schuchardt "John 8"

1:40–2:20         #15: Jeff Greenman "Rom 9-11"

2:20–2:40         Break

Parallel Session (Chair: )

2:40–3:20         #16: Jacob Rollinson "Ecclesiastes"

3:20–4:00         #17: Elisabeta Ribet "Hope"

Parallel Session (Chair: )

2:40–3:20         #18:  Stephanie Bennett on Faith

3:20–4:00         #19: Jason Hudson on Power, Non-Power, & Demonic

Plenary Session (Chair: Jacob Van Vleet)

4:20–5:00         #20: Jerome Ellul “Update on the Jacques Ellul Archives: Manuscripts and more!”

5:00 pm   Evening Free

Saturday, June 30

Parallel Session (Chair: )

9:00–9:40         #21: Kelsey Haskett on the City in Poetry & Scripture

9:40–10:20       #22: Elizabeth Sanderson on Cain & City

Parallel Session (Chair: )

9:00–9:40         #23: Jeff Appel on Anarchic Hermeneutics

9:40–10:20       #24: Peter Anderson on JE’s Theological Interpretation   

10:20–10:40     Break

Parallel Session (Chair: )

10:40–11:20     #25: Naomi Stafford on Sustainable Development  

Parallel Session (Chair: )

10:40–11:20     #26: TBA

Closing Plenary Panel Discussion

11:30–12:30  #27: “Where Are We, Where Do We Go From Here?” Panelists: Walter Brueggemann, Frédéric Rognon, Andrew Goddard and TBA

12:30–1:30       Lunch 

1:30–3:00     (Optional) Post-Conference Discussion, Q&A, Wrap-Up (Chair: Ted Lewis)

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