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Date: August 9–August 10, 2019
Location: Various Venues, New York City
Regent President Jeff Greenman hosts a weekend with Makoto Fujimura and Iwan Russell-Jones exploring Christian faith and the visual arts in New York City.

Enjoy fascinating tours of the Waterfall Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and participate in shared meals, stimulating presentations, and challenging conversations. Develop a deeper understanding of how creativity finds its place in the new creation. 

Makoto Fujimura’s theme: Introduction to Theology of Making

Theology of Making approaches the Bible through “somatic knowledge” of making, and seeing God as (the only) true Artist. We will explore some specific ways that one can encounter, explore, and exegete culture through art, and discover together the theological implications for Theology of Making that leads to Culture Care.

Iwan Russell-Jones’s theme: The Sign of the Maker: The Hand in Early Cave Art and Rodin’s Sculpture

The hand is one of the earliest and most enduring human symbols, the original 'selfie', found in prehistoric sites dating from as long ago as 40,000 years. We will explore the meaning of this intriguing sign in ancient cave art and in the works of Auguste Rodin— the way in which it bears witness to the brilliance, the tragedy, the complexity and the possibility of the human experience.

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