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Date: January 29–April 16, 2021
This is an online event
Being human in our technological age requires not merely technical skills but—more importantly—intellectual capacity to navigate a rapidly changing philosophical milieu. Join us this winter to learn from leading scholars about key aspects of what it means to be human in a technological age: personhood, embodied cognition, leisure, transhumanism and more. Learn from Jens Zimmermann, John Behr, Thomas Fuchs, and several more leading scholars.

Upcoming Lectures

More info coming soon on the following lectures:

Mar. 12, 2021: Eleanor McLaughlin (Regents Park College, University of Oxford): Disability, Technology, and Human Flourishing

Mar. 19, 2021: Clark Elliston (Schreiner University): Work and Leisure in a Technological World

Apr. 2, 2021: Michael Mawson (Charles Sturt University, Australia): Living in the Midst of Death: Theological Reflections on Ageing and Technology

Apr. 9, 2021: Ashley Moyse (University of Oxford): Education by Dissent: A Theological Interrogation of Transhumanist Anthropology

Apr. 16, 2021: Brent Waters (Garret Evangelical Seminary): Remaining Focussed: Human Flourishing in the Emergent Techno-Culture

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