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Christianity and the Arts

Is there such a thing as Christian art? Is it any good? What's the role of the Christian artist? Can an artist be faithful to both creative vision and theological conviction, or does something eventually have to give?

Explore these questions and more as you learn what it means to integrate faith and art effectively and authentically. 

The Christianity and the Arts Concentration can be completed as part of our Master of Arts in Theological Studies.

Required Courses Include:

  • The Christian Imagination (INDS 560)

Sample Electives Include:

  • Vocation of the Artist (INDS 785)
  • Image & Word: Theological Reflections on Art, Media & Culture (INDS 513)
  • Theology of Culture (INDS 515)
  • Believing in Documentary: Truthful Witness, Fearless Speech & the Transforming Imagination (INDS 505)
Click here for a PDF of course requirements for Christianity and the Arts Concentration .

Final Projects

The integrative project in the arts and theology (IPIAT) provides an opportunity for students who have experience in the arts to create and present an original work of art (e.g., a novel, paintings, the writing and performance of music or a play) and to reflect on it theologically. This option is offered solely to students completing a concentration in Christianity and the Arts, and may be taken for either 6 or 12 credit hours depending on the size of the project. Learn more about the IPIAT here.

Arts Internship

Build both your skills and your character with this practical discipleship program. Regent College's Arts Internship Program gives emerging artists the opportunity to gain practical experience as they learn to integrate their faith and their art. Participating students will be placed in creative work environments where they will develop existing skills and learn how arts organizations work in the public sphere. Throughout the process, interns will benefit from readings and group discussions designed to foster biblical and theological reflection on art and vocation. Regent has entered into partnerships with the following arts organizations to offer a variety of internship opportunities to students in the Christianity and the Arts concentration: 

In Vancouver:
  • Pacific Theatre
  • Pulp Literature Magazine
  • St. James Music Academy
  • The Grunewald Guild, Leavenworth, Washington
  • Underground Writing, Burlington, Washington
  • The Izvor Foundation, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Herzegovina
For more information, email [email protected].

As a musician, learning about the interaction between my faith and the Arts is vitally important. Learning about this interaction not only affirms the artistic aspects so intrinsic to me as an image-bearer of the Creator; it also encourages me to steward them responsibly in service of the church.
Corey Janz
Current Student (MA, Arts)

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