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INDS 535

Food: Communion, Community, and Creation

Eating is one of the most profound ways by which we relate to each other, to the created world, and to God. In this course we will explore, within the framework of Christian theology, some of the biological, ecological, psychological, aesthetic, spiritual, agricultural, historical, economic, and ethical aspects of what, why, and how we eat. The core of the course will be readings, lectures, excursions and discussion exploring a thoughtful Christian engagement with many dimensions of the production, distribution, preparation, and consumption of food. We will spend time together each weekend engaging these topics in a living context of worshipping, cooking, feasting, fasting, and gardening together. This course will be offered in Weekend School format in order to make possible extensive experiential learning opportunities. Locations will include Galiano Island, A Rocha Canada’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre in South Surrey, and various sites in downtown Vancouver.

Additional Course Fee: $300

Enrollment Limit: 16

Course dates for Fall 2019 (off-campus):

September 13-15 Galiano Island
October 4-5 A Rocha - Brooksdale Environmental Centre
November 8-9 Vancouver - Various Sites
December 6-8 Galiano Island

Credit Hours:
There are no prerequisites for this course.

Additional Info

All students will be waitlisted until the early registration deadline. The class list will be set within the week following. Preference will be given to credit students.

Auditors: In the event that there is room for students to audit the course, be aware that auditors will be expected (1) to complete all the required readings; (2) to participate actively in all classes and all class-related activities; (3) to be a full active participant in the “Mindful Meal” assignment. 

Explanation of additional course fees and extra costs: The additional course fee covers the following expenses: meals and accommodation at Galiano Island on two weekends; meals and accommodation at Brooksdale on one weekend.

Beyond this additional course fee, students are expected to pay for their own ferry tickets to/from Galiano on both weekends (approx. $20 each way); their own transportation to/from Brooksdale; their own transportation to/from downtown Vancouver (we’ll use the public bus system); and their own lunch in Vancouver. (Note: it is not necessary to take a vehicle to Galiano Island. In fact, it is strongly advised not to take a vehicle. This also saves money as well as the environment.)

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