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APPL 559

Effective Organizational Leadership

This course is also offered as MARK 559

Organizations matter; leadership matters. This course assumes that institutions merit the investment of our time and energy. This course will develop a theological vision for institutions as venues for the synergy of talent, effort and vision. Our impact, as Christians, in our social contexts, is exponentially greater when we learn to foster vital and effective institutions. And for this, we need to develop a capacity for organizational leadership: the capacity to understand how institutions work and flourish; and how leadership for such organizations can be effective. Anyone who is part of an institution would be wise to consider the health and vitality of the organization as essential to their own vocational development. While the primary focus will be on non-profit organizations, by way of case studies, consideration will also be given to the institutional character of church communities.

Credit Hours:
2 - 3
Audit Hours:
There are no prerequisites for this course.

Additional Info

Winter 2024
This course is onsite only.

Course Dates: 
January 26-27, February 23-24, March 22-23

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