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Iain Provan in Colorado at The Davenant Institute

Thursday, Nov 15, 2018 at 7:00PM - 9:30 PM

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Regent's Dr. Iain Provan will be delivering a lecture at the Davenant Institute, Colorado Christian University. Dr. Provan's lecture, a defence of Protestant hermeneutics, is titled "On Eschewing the Labyrinth: Why Protestants Should Not Resurrect the ‘Spiritual Reading’ of Scripture." 

Many recent contributors to discussions of Protestantism and catholicity have contended that Protestant exegesis of Scripture has been lamentably out of step with the glorious tradition of patristic Scripture reading, which is grounded, it is claimed, in apostolic authority. At this special post-ETS event, the Davenant Institute will be inviting Iain Provan, who has recently published The Reformation and the Right Reading of Scripture, to present his riposte to these laments and vindicate the Reformers’ rejection of pre-Reformation exegesis as truly catholic and apostolic. He will argue that the magisterial Reformers were in fact correct in their judgments about the unwarranted and dangerous nature of much pre-Reformation exegesis, that these judgments themselves were grounded in patristic perspectives (that is, in tradition), and that Protestants should not welcome contemporary initiatives aimed at resurrecting such exegetical approaches. 

Three scholars affiliated with the Davenant Institute will then present responses to Dr. Provan, and explore how Reformation hermeneutics should continue to inform the contemporary church, before opening up the floor for a general discussion. 

Join Dr. Provan and the Davenant Institute for an evening of lively debate and conversation on this essential topic—how to read the Bible rightly. 

Admission is free, but please RSVP with the Davenant Institute using the more details link below.

Colorado Christian University Lakewood, CO. Leprino Hall, Room 170

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Iain Provan

Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies (Regent College)

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