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Ellul & the Bible: 2018 IJES Conference

Thursday, Jun 28, 2018 at 12:00AM - Saturday, Jun 30, 2018 at 12:00AM

This event has now ended. Please view this page to see all our upcoming events.


Regent College is pleased to be hosting the 2018 International Jacques Ellul Society Conference, "Ellul and the Bible." 

Jacques Ellul is best known as one of the premier voices of the twentieth century analyzing the emergence, characteristics, and challenges of the “technological society”—the growing and seemingly irresistible dominance of technological tools, processes, and values over the whole of life and the whole of the world. But the Bordeaux sociologist simultaneously produced almost as many works of biblical study and reflection as he did regarding works of sociology. In these studies Ellul delivered brilliantly creative insights as well as provocative challenges to traditional theology.  

All serious students of Ellul, whether part of faith communities like Ellul himself (in the French Reformed Church) or not (like his colleague and best friend Bernard Charbonneau), have found interaction with his theological writings an essential complement to the study of his great sociological works. This conference will seek a multi-perspectival hearing of Scripture stimulated by Ellul’s works.

The Thursday evening banquet speaker will be Walter Brueggemann; a complete list of presenters and the full conference outline will be available in January.

Attendance at this conference is included in the cost of Regent College summer course Jacques Ellul: Prophet in the Technological Wilderness. Course information will be available at after December 12, 2017.

Conference Registration information and further details are available at the IJES website, here.

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