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Public Lecture

Inklings of Heaven: C.S. Lewis and Eschatology

Wednesday, Aug 2, 2023 at 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM (Pacific Time)

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You’re invited to Regent's 2023 Evening Public Lecture series! Join us in the chapel or tune in online to explore theology, culture, and much more with this year’s summer faculty.

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About the Lecture

C. S. Lewis's imagination is drawn by something he acknowledges to be beyond imagining: the resurrection life in God’s kingdom. Without this hope, not only the Christian faith but all that is most significant in life—love, learning, leisure—would be meaningless. Yet living in hope of the resurrection is no easy matter, either intellectually or practically. In this Evening Public Lecture, theologian Judith Wolfe will explore Lewis’s thought about eschatology, its meaning, promise, and challenges. At a time when it often seems as if the end of the world is just around the corner, Lewis's example helps us to think more clearly and courageously about the hope Christianity proclaims.

About the Speaker

Born and raised in Vienna, and educated in Milwaukee, Jerusalem, and Oxford, Prof. Wolfe has taught in Berlin and Oxford, and is now a professor of philosophical theology at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. She is interested in the many ways in which theology, philosophy, literature and art extend and challenge each other, and teaches courses in systematic theology, philosophical theology, and theology and the arts. She has written and edited books on Martin Heidegger, C.S. Lewis, and 19th- and 20th-century theology, and is currently finishing a monograph entitled The Theological Imagination for Cambridge University Press. She’s also founding editor of the Journal of Inklings Studies. Prof. Wolfe has spoken on BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time, PBS’s Closer to Truth, and at festivals, museums, and many conferences.

Dr. Wolfe is teaching Not Yet in the Now: Waiting for the Apocalypse from July 31 to August 4 as part of Regent’s 2023 Summer Programs.

How to Attend

Join us in Regent’s chapel, or tune in via livestream. A video recording will be available online for a limited time after the event.

Regent College, 5800 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6T 2E4

Paid parking available at Regent College and UBC

Speaking at this Event


Judith Wolfe

Professor of Philosophical Theology (University of St. Andrews)

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