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Course Schedules

For your convenience, this page has course schedules for each term as downloadable PDFs. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the PDFs.

2013-2014 Courses

Summer 2014

You can view the Summer Programs timetable on our Summer Programs website here.

Winter 2014

Download the preliminary Winter 2014 Course List and Winter 2014 Timetable. Please keep in mind that this is a first draft and that there will be changes. Updates will be posted as and when they become available.

New Courses, New Instructors, Special Interests

Below are brief explanations of some new courses being offered in the upcoming Fall and Winter terms, some new or less well-known instructors who will be teaching, and some courses that address special interests.

Fall 2013 Courses

The Person, the Pastor, and the Psychiatrist

This course combines the perspectives and expertise of a psychiatrist, Dr. James Holmlund, and a church historian, Dr. Don Lewis, in order to explore the nature of psychiatric care and of pastoral care, and the relationship between them. Don Lewis, who is on faculty at Regent College, will bring a historical perspective to the questions of human identify and pastoral care. James Holmlund, who has been a practicing psychiatrist in Western Canada for almost 30 years, will share insights from the field of psychiatry to help those who care for others. This course will be of great benefit for anyone engaged in pastoral care or dealing with people with emotional or mental disorders.

Introduction to the Theology of Karl Barth

We are bringing back one of our graduates, Dr. Archie Spencer, to introduce students to one of the most profound and influential theologians in the twentieth century—Karl Barth. His influence can be seen not only in theology, but also in philosophy, politics, music, and science. Archie, who has published on Barth, will be on sabbatical leave from ACTS Seminaries in Langley where he teaches theology. This course will introduce students to Karl Barth as a person and to the distinctives of this theology. It will, of course be valuable for those pursuing a concentration in Theology, but it will also be useful for anyone who wants a better understanding of twentieth-century theology.

Art and Visual Culture in the Reformation

Dr. James Krohn has recently moved to BC from South Africa where he taught theology at George Whitefield College and at the Bible Institute of South Africa for ten years. Currently, he is pastoring an independent evangelical church on Bowen Island. In this course, James brings together two of his interests—theology and art—as he explores how artists imaged truth in the wake of the Protestant Reformation. This course is open to all, but will be of particular interest to students in the Christianity and the Arts concentration.

Reading the Bible with the Damned

Bob Ekblad has worked extensively with marginalized people, both as a missionary and now as executive director of Tierra Nueva—an ecumenical ministry located in Burlington, Washington, that seeks to share the Good News of God's liberation in Jesus Christ with migrant farmworkers, jail inmates, Skagit Valley gang members, and those struggling with addiction. In this course, he helps students develop a biblical, theological, and pastoral framework for a ministry of presence and proclamation to people who assume they have been rejected by God. This weekend course will be helpful to anyone working with people on the margins of society.

Missional Leadership

Paul Stevens and Anthony Brown, both well-known to Regent students, are teaming up to offer a new course for the MDiv program. Missional Leadership explores the various needs and challenges in leading missional churches. Note that this course replaces Christian Education and Equipping in the MDiv program.

Winter 2014 Courses

The Reading Life

Dr. Sharon Jebb Smith is returning again this Winter term to offer a couple of courses for us. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Sharon lectures regularly at the University of Aberdeen and at Union Theological College, Belfast, in addition to Regent College. In the Winter, she will repeat her course on C.S. Lewis which she taught last year for us, but this year she will offer a new course on Reading. This course is intended to question assumptions and to provoke thoughtful consideration of the role of reading in all its forms, including fiction and non-fiction, (including the Bible, blogs, websites, academic books, and articles). This should be a great course particularly for those in Interdisciplinary Studies and in Christianity and the Arts, but is relevant to anyone who wants to think Christianly about what we read, how we read, and how reading shapes us.

Pastoral Care and Ethics

Ross Hastings is well-known to Regent students. But MDiv students should note that this course, Pastoral Care & Ethics, replaces two courses from the previous MDiv curriculum, Pastoral Care and Pastoral Ethics.

Seminar: Gospel and Culture

Paul Williams will offer this new Interdisciplinary Studies seminar in Winter. Its goal is to help students transition from theological studies to life after Regent. How do we use the theological framework that we have developed to help us live Christianly in our various vocations? It will satisfy the seminar requirement for INDS students and Marketplace Theology students, but is open to all students. The plan is that this course will become a lecture-based course in subsequent years and will be one of the requirements in the MDiv program and one of the options in the core foundational courses of the MA Theo Studies program.