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Course Schedules

For your convenience, this page has course schedules for each term as downloadable PDFs. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the PDFs.

For important information about course offerings at Regent College, see the General Course Information page.

2014-2015 Courses

Winter 2015

You can now download the Winter 2015 Timetable , Winter 2015 Important Timetable Information , and Winter 2015 Course List from the left sidebar. Please note that updates may be made to these schedules, so check back regularly before the term begins.

New Courses in Winter 2015

We want to bring to your attention the following courses, because they are either new or are not regularly offered.

Learning and the Art of Teaching (APPL 570): Jeff Greenman

This new course, offered on Monday evenings, is designed to shape reflective practitioners of learning and teaching. It is meant to equip people for enhanced teaching experiences in a wide variety of settings, including their workplaces, congregations, or formal school or university settings. Its structure is built around exploring nine components: learners, teachers, settings, contexts, worldview, goals, content, methods, and assessment.

Ministry & Spirituality (APPL/SPIR 572): Paul Stevens & Jim Houston

This 1-credit hour, weekend course, to be held at Westminster Abbey in Mission, addresses the need for integrating personal spirituality, biblical revelation and actual ministry as it is exercised either in the societal workplace or in the church or parachurch setting. The goal is to develop both understandings and disciplines that will be formational for an authentic Christ-honouring ministry over a lifetime.

Books, Children & God (INDS 576): Mary-Ruth Wilkinson

This is a weekend course, held on Galiano Island, that will explore the beauty, the power, and the glory of children’s books. You will sharpen your understanding as to what makes word live as literature and how word in story—nursery rhymes, picture books, folk tales, fantasy and fiction classics—is a heritage that we must not only hold for ourselves, but also must pass on to our children so that we and they might respond more fully and richly to each other, to creation, and to God.

Sources of Christian Identity (INDS 616): Jim Houston

This new course, being offered on Thursday evenings, is designed to help you enrich your own Christian identity, as we explore the heritage of the communion of saints over two millennia. It will review various cultural changes that have challenged the church about its Christian identity. Our basic text will be Charles Taylor’s Sources of the Self, and this will be complemented with Patristic and Medieval texts, and with more recent writings from thinkers such as Soren Kierkegaard, John MacMurray, Rene Girard, and Paul Ricoeur. We will develop biblical foundations as we explore recent interpretations of Trinitarian Theology and Theo-Anthropology.

We are also recommending a new course at St. Mark's College in the Winter term, entitled "Augustine on Christianity and Culture" and taught by Prof. Paul Burns. This will be of interest to anyone focusing on the Church Fathers, or simply on theology in general. The course will be based largely on Augustine's Confessions and his City of God. In order to register, contact our Registration Officer for a cross-registration form. Further information on the course can be found here.

Fall 2014

You can now download the Fall 2014 Timetable , Fall 2014 Timetable Notes , and Fall 2014 Course List from the left sidebar. Please note that updates may be made to these schedules, so check back regularly before the term begins.

Class lists for Priority Enrollment courses have now been set and can be downloaded from the left sidebar: Fall 2014 Priority Enrollment Course List .

Note: Since Mission and Vocation (INDS 577) is not being offered this year, you may take Vocation, Work and Ministry (APPL 573/INDS 573/SPIR 573) in its place.

Newly Admitted to Regent?

Twice a year, we offer an Introduction to Theological Language class. This course covers basic theological terms and discusses their usage. Though it's primarily for students entering Regent College without a theological background or for those whose first language is not English. All students are welcome to attend. Some of the terms and topics include: Theology, Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, Trinity, Latin and Greek.

Students can choose one of two tracks: Novice or Advanced. The Novice (beginner) track covers basic terms and allows ample time for questions and discussion. The Advanced track offers a wider breadth of terms, moves at a quick pace, and provides additional optional activities. Each class is two hours long with a one hour optional review after the break. Students are encouraged to choose the track that works best for their schedule and pace of learning.

Check the Events calendar for exact dates and details of when it's being offered next. For more information, email Sherah Bodie: