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Public Lectures

Our mandate is to educate the whole people of God—and that includes the Christian community of Vancouver and beyond. We offer free public lectures by our own world-class faculty, and by visiting scholars, teachers, and authors from around the world.

We host two regular lecture series—Summer Lectures and the Laing Lectures—as well as special events throughout the year.

Most of our lectures are recorded and available as audio downloads through

Summer Lectures

In the Spring and Summer Sessions, we host lectures every week to highlight the research of our regular faculty and our visiting summer lecturers. All lectures are in the Regent College Chapel unless otherwise noted. Our lectures tend to draw large crowds, so plan to arrive early for a good seat.

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Next Public Lecture
Friday, 7:00PM

When Should Christians Break Stuff? Passing from the Image to the Prototype


With Randall Zachman

We welcome you to join us as world renowned scholar of the Reformation, Dr. Randall Zachman, examines a range of positions on the use of images in the worship, life, and piety of the Sixteenth Century. Dr. Zachman will explore the historical positions, and propose ways in which this Reformation debate may inform and enrich our deployment of the arts for faith and life in our own time. 

After Dr. Zachman's paper presentation, a panel with a member from each of the theological colleges in the consortium at UBC (Regent, St. Mark’s, Carey College and VST) will respond.

Panelists are as follows:

  • Dr. Iwan Russell-Jones, Eugene and Jan Peterson Associate Professor of Theology and the Arts, Regent College
  • Dr. Axel Schoeber, Associate Professor of Supervised Ministry Director of the Mentored Ministry, Carey College
  • Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan Kaplan, Director of Inter-religious Studies and Professor of Jewish Studies, Vancouver School of Theology (VST)
  • Dr. Paul Burns, Dean of Liberal Arts for Corpus Christi College, St. Mark’s Corpus Christi

We welcome you to join us for this free event. The event is presented by VST in partnership with Regent College. It takes place as part of Regent College's "500 Years of the Reformation," a yearlong commemoration, featuring panels, courses, and public lectures on the theme of the Reformation.

Upcoming Public Lectures
Thursday, 7:00PM

The Radical Prophet Martin Luther

With Ron Rittgers

More Details
Wednesday, 7:30PM

"Money, Sex, and Power: Are Freud and Jesus in Sync?"

With Rod Wilson

More Details
Wednesday, 7:30PM

"Beauty as Iconoclast"

With Laura A. Smit

More Details
Monday, 7:30PM

"Spirit of Adoption: The Forgotten Gospel Treasure"

With Krish Kandiah

More Details
Wednesday, 7:30PM

"Prophetic Lament: Moving from Triumphalism to Truth"

With Soong-Chan Rah

More Details
Tuesday, 7:30PM

"The Art of Living for a Technological Age"

With Ashley John Moyse

More Details
Past Public Lectures

Surprised by Grace: The Overlooked Foundation of the Letter of James

With Mariam J. Kovalishyn

Audio recording now available.


London Burning and the Post-riot Debates

With Jim Belcher

Audio recording now available.


Human Origins in Light of Genesis 2

With John Walton

Audio recording now available.


Reconsidering Christian Humanism and the Early Reformation

With Darren Provost

Audio recording now available.


Great Sporting Liturgies: Fields of Praise?

With Iwan Russell-Jones

Audio recording now available.


Technology and the Shaping of the iMagination

With Craig Gay

Audio recording now available.


Poetry, Protest, and Prayer

With Marilyn McEntyre

Audio recording now available.


Evangelicals and Jews Together: The Origins of Christian Zionism

With Donald M. Lewis

Audio recording now available.


The Economics of Enough

With Dave Diewert

Audio recording now available.


Divining the Spirit in Contemporary Art

With Rachel Hostetter Smith

Audio recording now available.


Slumdogs & Millionaires: The Gospel & Social Engagement in India Today

With Ivan Satyavrata

Audio recording now available.


The Role of the Psalms in Transforming Seniors into Elders

With James Houston

Audio recording now available.


Shhhh! The Art of Listening in an Inattentive Culture

With Susan Phillips

Audio recording now available.


G. K. Chesterton: Rum, Romanism, and the Sacramental Imagination

With Ralph Wood

Audio recording now available.


Depression, Anger, and Gender

With Rod Wilson

Audio recording now available.


Because You're Worth It: Grace and Human Value

With John Barclay

Audio recording now available.


Laing Lectures I - The Assaults

With Rex Murphy
With John Stackhouse
With Preston Manning

From Doctrine to Doctrines: The Hollowing Out of the Christian Consensus


Laing Lectures II - The Long Retreat

With Rex Murphy
With John Stackhouse
With Preston Manning

The 2012 Laing Lectures - From Doctrine to Doctrines: The Hollowing Out of the Christian Consensus


Laing Lectures III - The Present Imperium

With Rex Murphy
With John Stackhouse
With Preston Manning

The 2012 Laing Lectures - From Doctrine to Doctrines: The Hollowing Out of the Christian Consensus


Hope for Re-evangelizing the West: Missional Church as Foundation, Not Fad

With Ross Hastings

Join us for this free lecture and book signing with Ross Hastings to celebrate the release of his latest book, "Missional God, Missional Church."


Origins Today: Genesis Through Ancient Eyes

With John Walton

A public lecture with author and Wheaton College professor of Old Testament John Walton


Pope Benedict XVI and His Legacy

With Hans Boersma
With John Conway

With Dr. John Conway and Hans Boersma


Body, Sex, and Gender in Gregory of Nyssa

With Hans Boersma

Join us for a free lecture and book launch of Hans Boersma's latest publication.


The Tea Party, the Taliban, and the Temptation of Power: Which Kind of Society is "Biblical"?

With Iain Provan

Iain Provan asks which kind of society is biblical. Join us for this free lecture on Wed May 15 at 7:30 pm.


All Things New: God's Program of New Creation

With Douglas Moo

Join us for this free lecture by Doug Moo about why concern for the environment is part of our call as Christians.


Spirituality of Cultivation: A Response to Disorders of Attention & Attachment

With Susan Phillips

Join us for this free evening lecture on significant challenges to faith and love in contemporary culture.


The Life and Impact of C.S. Lewis

With Alister McGrath

Join us for this free evening public lecture to learn about the legacy of a twentieth-century Christian intellectual giant.


The Missing Piece: Can You Be an Effective Leader Without Being Entrepreneurial?

With Paul Stevens
With Rick Goossen

Join us for this free evening lecture to explore the widespread significance of entrepreneurship.


Generation to Generation: Passing on the Faith to the Children of the Church

With Gordon T. Smith

Join us for this free evening lecture to grapple with the responsibility of the whole church to nurture our children in the faith.


G.K. Chesterton and Christopher Hitchens: Old Convert vs. New Atheist

With Ralph Wood

Join us for this free evening lecture to hear the champion of orthodoxy and the "antitheist" face off.


Women in the Ancient World

With Lynn Cohick

Join us for this free evening lecture to unveil the mysterious and hidden life of first century women.


Theology: Only Words about Words?

With Paul Helm

Join us for this free evening lecture and dive deeper into the nature of theology.


The Word Made Flesh: Christ and the Imagination

With Malcolm Guite

Join us for this free evening lecture with visiting poet-priest, Malcolm Guite.


La Sagrada Familia, El Mundo Sagrado: The Wild Christian Architecture of Antoni Gaudi

With John Stackhouse

Join us for this free evening lecture and be immersed in the creative genius of a bold Spanish artist.


Tell Me a Story: Modern Narratives and the Search for God

With Roger Lundin

Join us for this free evening lecture.


Creedal Hermeneutics: How the Creeds Can Help Us Read the Bible

With Christopher Hall

Join us for this free evening lecture exploring the relevance of ancient Christian faith-statements for our modern reading.


Bonhoeffer, Practices, and Pedagogy

With David Smith

Join us for this free evening lecture!

The Future of World Christianity

Join us for this free evening lecture!


American Prophet: The Legacy and Challenge of Martin Luther King, Jr.

With Iwan Russell-Jones

Join us for this free evening lecture taking a second look at this champion of freedom.


Tears of Hope and Change: The Need for Lament in a Multicultural World

With Soong-Chan Rah

Join us for this free evening lecture!


Helping A Hurting Friend

With Rod Wilson

Helping A Hurting Friend


The Question of Leadership

With Walter C. Wright, Jr.

Walter C. Wright, Jr. speaks at Regent on the question of leadership.


Whassup?! Reading Culture: The War of Myths and the Mission of the Church

With Iain Provan

An evening public lecture with Prof Iain Provan to celebrate the release of his new book, "Convenient Myths: The Axial Age, Dark Green Religion, and the World that Never Was."


Jesus and Paul: Were they on the Same Page?

With Gerry Schoberg

Gerry Schoberg gives a public lecture based on his new book.


Laing Lectures 2013-2014

With Ellen Charry

Discover what our emotions have to do with theology at this year's Laing Lectures featuring Dr. Ellen T. Charry


"Seriously Dangerous Religion? The Importance of the Old Testament for Human Rights”

With Iain Provan

How dangerous is the Old Testament? Professor Iain Provan speaks on his forthcoming book


"The Sanctification Gap: Is The Church Committed to Spiritual Maturity?"

With Gordon T. Smith

What is the goal of Christian life after conversion? Explore with Gordon T. Smith as he discusses his new book


Lessons in Leadership from Lincoln

With Preston Manning

Spend an evening with Preston Manning discussing leadership lessons from the film Lincoln


Christian Humanism and the Challenges of Moral Formation in "A World Come of Age"

With Iwan Russell-Jones
With Marilynne Robinson
With Wendy Fletcher
With Brad Gregory
With David Goa
With Barry Harvey
With Charles T. Mathewes
With Jens Zimmermann
With Ralf Wüstenberg

Join us for the 17th Dietrich Bonhoeffer Society Lectures on Public Ethics held at Regent College and Vancouver School of Theology May 1-3.


Bonhoeffer Lectures: An Evening with Marilynne Robinson

With Marilynne Robinson

Marilynne Robinson gives a talk followed by an interview with Iwan Russell-Jones


The Violent Legacy of Monotheism?: Truths, Half-Truths, and Downright Lies about Religion and Culture

With Iain Provan

Dr. Iain Provan kicks off the Summer Lecture Series this evening at 7:30!


Holiness Today

With J.I. Packer

Join us for this evening public lecture with Dr. J.I. Packer


What's Mysterious about Worship?

With Jeremy Begbie

Join us for this evening public lecture with Jeremy Begbie, a trained pianist, professor, and Anglican priest


"Lookit the Train!": A Two-Person Drama Solving Some of Life's Theological Challenges

With Jeff Barker

Join us for this evening public lecture/drama with Jeff and Karen Barker.


I've Been Meaning to Tell You This: Confessions of an Ex-Pastor

With Mark Buchanan

Join us for this evening public lecture with Regent alum Mark Buchanan, Professor of Pastoral Theology at Ambrose University.


Paradise Lost and the Purpose of the Universe

With Dennis Danielson

Join us for this evening public lecture with UBC professor Dennis Danielson.


The Ecology of Grace: Can We Be Pentecostal, Evangelical, and Sacramental?

With Gordon T. Smith

Join us for this evening public lecture with Gordon Smith, President of Ambrose College University.


Visual Heresy: Imaging God the Father in the History of Art

With Matthew Milliner

Join us for this evening public lecture with Matthew Milliner from Wheaton College.


Surveillance after Snowden: Decoding the "Snooping Scandal"

With David Lyon

Join us for this evening public lecture with David Lyon, surveillance expert from Queen's University.


“Certainly? Not! Radical Doubt, Radical Faith, and Why We Can Believe Anything at All"

With John Stackhouse

Join us for an evening lecture and the launch of John Stackhouse's latest book, Need to Know.


What Can the West Learn from the Two-Thirds World Theologically?

With Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Join us for this evening public lecture!


An Evening of Poetry with Luci Shaw

With Luci Shaw

Join us for an evening of poetry with Regent's writer-in-residence, Luci Shaw, as she shares poems from her latest books.


The Myth of the Secular Worldview

With Dominic Erdozain

Join us for this evening public lecture with Dominic Erdozain from Emory University.


Hymns and the Christian Spirit: A Short History of Song and Devotion

With Bruce Hindmarsh
With Steve Bell

Join us for this evening public lecture with Professor Bruce Hindmarsh and singer-songwriter Steve Bell.


Responding to the New Atheism

With John Lennox

Join us for this evening public lecture with Oxford professor John Lennox.


Together in Prayer: The Art and Gift of Group Spiritual Direction

With Susan Phillips

Join us for this evening public lecture with sociologist and spiritual director Susan Phillips.


Bye-Bye Bible? Progress Report on the Death of Scripture

With Robert Yarbrough

Join us for this evening public lecture with Robert Yarbrough, Professor of New Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary.


Why God Loves Ancient Chinese Pottery

With Richard Mouw

Join us for this evening public lecture with Richard Mouw, Professor of Faith and Public Life at Fuller Theological Seminary.


Film Screening of "Golden Sea" and Q&A

With Makoto Fujimura

Join us for a viewing of Makoto Fujimura's documentary followed by a Q&A with the artist himself.


"Can a Christian Be a (Good) Lawyer?"

With Robert F. Cochran


Settling in to a Decadent Decline - Lecture 1

With Ross Douthat

Join us for an evening with New York Times columnist Ross Douthat.


Settling in to a Decadent Decline Lecture 2

With Ross Douthat

Join us for this morning lecture with New York Times columnist Ross Douthat.


Settling in to a Decadent Decline Lecture 3

With Ross Douthat

Join us for an evening with New York Times columnist Ross Douthat.


Is Holiness a Pipe-Dream?

With Ross Hastings
With Bruce Hindmarsh
With J.I. Packer


Exilic Discipleship: A New Paradigm for Discipling Millenials

With David Kim

Public lecture by David Kim, Executive Director, Center for Faith & Work and pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York.


October 24: Presidential Installation & Public Symposium

With Jeffrey Greenman

We would be delighted if you would join us. Reserve your free ticket today!


Creatures of God: Human Nature and Evolution for Evangelicals and Catholics

With Ross Hastings
With Rikk Watts

Dr. J. Richard Middleton and Dr. Jeff Schloss consider some implications of evolution for a Christian view of human nature.


Harmonious Reading: Early Christian Interpretation of the Psalms

With Hans Boersma

This lecture, which draws from Boersma's forthcoming book, Hidden Treasure: Sacramental Presence in Patristic Exegesis (Baker Academic), discusses patristic readings of the psalms.


The Future of Evangelical Theology

With Archie Spencer

Bring a lunch and enjoy a lecture from Regent College's Visiting Associate Professor of Theology, Archie Spencer.


How to Read Stanley Hauerwas

With Jonathan Wilson


"Loving Later Life: Why Aging Matters for Life and Spirituality"

With Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens delves into matters of calling, spirituality, and legacy in retirement, considering the ongoing significance of vocation in later life.


“A Woman’s Bible?”

With Amanda Russell-Jones

Amanda Russell-Jones examines the case for a distinctive female voice in biblical interpretation, from the publication of The Woman's Bible to the present day.


"The Singular Universe and the Triune God"

With Loren Wilkinson

Loren Wilkinson on the complexity of the universe, the challenges it poses for believers and atheists alike, and the profound implications of a Triune God.


"And a Little Child Shall Lead Them: Children as Spiritual Guides in Eighteenth-century England"

With Cindy Aalders

Cindy Aalders explores the lives of a number of real 18th-century children who acted as spiritual guides within religious communities.


Book Release: "Where Do Broken Hearts Go? An Integrative Theology and Psychology of Grief"

With Ross Hastings

Ross Hastings reflects on the theological, psychological, and personal experience of loss and grief at the launch of his latest book.

Science & Religion Over Two Millenia: A Long History of Shouting?

Physicist and author Dr. Tom McLeish explores the historical relationship between science and religion.

Lecture and Book Launch with Bill Reimer

With Bill Reimer

Join us for a thought-provoking evening as Bill Reimer speaks on the interplay between Christianity and violence in Victorian Toronto.

Laing Lectures 2017: Marilynne Robinson

Acclaimed author Marilynne Robinson delivers the 2017 Laing Lectures at the Frederick Wood Theatre, Feb. 8–10, 2017.

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