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Student Association

Regent College Student Association (RCSA)

The RCSA is Regent College’s Student Association, of which every fee-paying student is a member. The RCSA is led by a council made up of elected student officials, voted in by other Regent students—we are students serving students.

The Association’s involvement within the life of the College extends across all the spheres of Regent life—academics, community, and interaction with the wider UBC campus. Our goal is to help students fully embrace being a part of the College and to actively play a part in the wider mission of the College.

We are located in Room 12 on the bottom floor of the College. Drop by and visit us!

Our mission

“In the light of Regent College’s mission, the RCSA Council serves the student body by discerning and addressing needs of students, cultivating opportunities for them to engage in the life of the College, and representing them on committees within both Regent and UBC.”

What are we doing for you?

We represent you, the students, and we advocate for you on both a collective and individual basis. We also provide a number of other services that help the student body flourish.

The Et Cetera

Published each Tuesday of the school week during Fall and Winter semesters, the Et Cetera is Regent College’s weekly student paper. It provides a window into College life and a space in which ideas can be generated, dialogue can be fostered, and community renewed. Submissions are welcome from students old and new.

You can email submissions to
You can read the Et Cetera online here.

Student directories

To help you put names to faces and faces to names, the RCSA takes photos of students near the start of the Fall and Winter semesters. These are accessed in the the online student directory here.


We recognize the need to celebrate together as a community. And so we make sure that during significant times of the year like Christmas we create a space in which the students of Regent, along with the other community members like staff and faculty—and of course their families—can join together in celebration.


The RCSA administers a set of annual funds designed to support students financially in different areas. These funds are used to support charitable endeavours, encourage attendance at academic conferences, and limit the unique burden felt by international students. The RCSA also has a more general emergency fund. Although these funds are somewhat limited, they are there to support you, so contact us if you’d like to know more.

Elected Officials

The RCSA consists of up to 12 members, including a paid executive committee and a committee of willing volunteers.

Brie Tarras, Council President

Responsible for overseeing the operation of the whole structure of the RCSA, the Student President manages the Executive Committee (made up of the president and the three VPs) and the Student Council. The role of the president is to lead the student body and represent it to the staff, faculty, and Board of Governors.

Brie Tarras is in her fourth and final year at Regent and will be graduating with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Studies. She was the RCSA Administrative Assistant in 2012–2013 and has also completed a year in the Marketplace Internship. She is looking forward to working with the RCSA team and student body in 2013–2014.

Contact the President at

Kim Woody, Vice-President Academic

Responsible for representing the student body regarding academic concerns and activities, the VP Academic spends a lot of time as the student representative on selected committees throughout the College. The VP Academic is also responsible for a yearly Academic Symposium in which current students present their work in a conference setting.

Kim Woody, from Memphis, Tennessee, just completed her first year of the Master of Christian Studies with a concentration in Church History. Kim served on the RCSA in 2012–2013 as the first year representative. This rewarding time led her to successfully run as VP Academic.

Contact the VP Academic at

Jeremy Britton, Vice-President External

The life of Regent College students extends far beyond the four walls of our own building into Vancouver and the wider University of British Columbia campus. The role of the VP External is to help facilitate these missional aspects of student life. One of the key ways is by serving as a UBC AMS (Alma Mater Society) Representative.

Jeremy Britton is a third-year Master of Divinity student who served in 2012–2013 as a Member at Large. He deeply cares about prayer at Regent College and has been involved with Soaking Prayer and stewardship of the Prayer Chapel. He is an energetic young man who loves fostering community and athletics.

Contact the VP External at

Frankie Ellis, Vice-President Internal

The RCSA also works within the Regent campus to see what can be done to better aid the co-curricular side of student life at Regent, and this is the role of the VP Internal. By organizing celebratory events and coordinating with the Dean of Students office, the VP Internal hopes to make your life at Regent as healthy an experience as possible.

Frankie Ellis is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. She most recently lived in Washington, DC, where she spent three years working as a management consultant for international telecom companies. Frankie is in her second year of the MA (Theo. Studies) program, focusing in the Arts. She has loved her time among the Regent family and looks forward to serving the community this year.

Contact the VP Internal at


In addition to the President and the VPs, the council is made up of a maximum of eight Members-at-Large (MAL). Each of these members takes on a specific portfolio based on the area that they are passionate about serving students in. Examples of these MAL portfolios include Prayer, Sports, Community Involvement, and the Arts.

The members-at-large for 2013-2014 are:
  • Isaiah Muuo
  • Ann Eslinger
  • Amy Nickerson
  • Dave Redfern
  • Andy Stromberg

First-Year Representatives

Two of our Member-at-Large positions are reserved each year for first-year students. First-Year Reps provide an easy point of access for those students new to the College to people that will help them engage and adjust to College life, and to generally voice their concerns.

The first-year representatives for 2013-2014 are:
  • Henna Lehtonen
  • Joana Pinto

Terms and elections

Each member of the RCSA council is elected for a one-year term running from May 1 through to April 30.

There are normally three elections held over the course of the year.

  • The first election is held towards the end of the Winter term and is for positions on the Executive Committee.
  • The second closely follows the first and is for the majority of the Members-at-Large.
  • The final elections are held near the start of the Fall term and are for First-Year Representatives and any other remaining MAL positions.