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Regent College is governed by a Board of Governors and a Senate.

The Board of Governors

The role of the Board of Governors is to manage the business, affairs, property, and revenue of the College. The Board has the authority to govern the College’s operations, appoint the President, appoint faculty and senior staff members, and grant degrees in theology.

The board meets three times a year: in January, April, and October.

Executive Committee

Roger Laing, Chair
Member of Strategic Executive Team of RLG International, Calgary, AB

Brent Burgess, Chair, External Relations Committee
Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Triangle Capital Corporation, Regent alumnus, Raleigh, NC

Louise Darou, Chair, Academic Affairs Committee
Human Resources Consultant with Royal Trust/RBC (retired), Vancouver, BC

Connally Gilliam, Chair, Student Relations Committee
Special Counsel to US National Director of US Navigators, author, Regent alumna, Washington, DC

Paul Loewen, Chair, Administration and Finance Committee
President, C. Paul Loewen Holdings, Inc, Winnipeg, MB

Peter Lynas, Chair, Marketplace Institute Committee
Lawyer, business person, pastor, Regent alumnus, County Derry, Northern Ireland

Bill Stewart, Chair, Building Committee; Member, Administration and Finance Committee
Vice-President, Sales & Client Services, FinancialCAD Corporation, Delta, BC

Jeffrey Greenman, President, Regent College


Frank Cox, Member, External Relations Committee
Urban Planning & Engineering Consultant, The Cox Company, Charlottesville, VA

Bob Hamilton, Member, Marketplace Institute Committee; Member, Building Committee 
Executive, TD Bank, Toronto, ON

David Ley, Member, Academic Affairs Committee
Professor of Geography at UBC, Vancouver, BC

Shaila Visser, Member, Marketplace Institute Committee
National Directory, Alpha Canada; Global Executive Team, Alpha International

Doug Lang, Member, Student Relations Committee
Vancouver Police Department, retired; dl Consulting Ltd.

Earl Phillips, Member, Administration and Finance Committee
Workplace Consultant/Lawyer

invited guests of the board

Bev Bandstra, Assistant to the President and Board Coordinator

Karen Boldt
Director of Finance

Christie Goode
Director of Donor Relations, Regent College

Ross Hastings, Faculty Representative
Associate Professor, Pastoral Theology, Regent College

Diane Stinton
Dean of Students, Regent College

Patricia Towler
Vice-President, External Relations, Regent College

Kevin Unger
Vice-President, Administration & Finance, Regent College

Rod J.K. Wilson,
Outgoing President, Regent College

Kim Woody, Student Representative
President, Regent College Student Association

The Senate

The Senate is responsible for the academic governance and educational policy of the College.

alumni representative

David Wood
Senior Associate Pastor at Coquitlam Alliance Church, alumnus, Coquitlam, BC

board appointees

David Ley
Canada Research Chair of Geography, UBC, Vancouver, BC

Shaila Visser
National Director, Alpha Ministries Canada

community representative

Martin Baxter
Minister at St. Andrew's and St. Stephen's Presbyterian and Regent alumnus, North Vancouver, BC

faculty representatives

Ross Hastings
Associate Professor, Regent College

Rikk Watts
Professor, Regent College

Iwan Russell-Jones
Associate Professor, Regent College

Phil Long
Professor, Regent College

student representatives

Kim Woody
President, Regent College Student Association

Frankie Ellis
Vice-President Internal, Regent College Student Association

ubc appointee

Bonita Sawatzky
Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedics, UBC, Vancouver, BC


Jeffrey Greenman, Chair
President, Regent College

Rod Wilson
Outgoing President, Regent College

Gerry Schoberg
Senior Academic Administrator, Regent College

Lynne Smith, Secretary
Assistant to the Academic Dean, Regent College

Academic Committees

Academic Policy Committee

Chair: Jeffrey Greenman, President
For approval of all academic policies.

Academic Standards Committee

Chair: Craig Gay (Fall), Iwan Russell-Jones (Winter)
For approval of all appeals for exemption to academic policy and program requirements.

Thesis Proposal Approval Committee

Chair: Don Lewis
For approval of all MA and ThM thesis proposals.

Arts Advisory Committee

Chair: Iwan Russell-Jones
For approval of integrative project in the arts and theology proposals, and other arts-related issues.

Financial Aid Committee

Chair: Gerry Schoberg, Senior Academic Administrator
For approval of all applications for financial aid and for appeals to financial aid policy.

MDiv Committee

Chair: Ross Hastings
For approval of students progressing from the Vocational Discernment Stage to the Candidacy Stage of the MDiv program, and other MDiv-related issues.